Thursday, October 08, 2009

october eight

My cleaning lady "called in" sick today. I feel so lost without her when she doesn't come. With being back to work and my 2 young kids, I don't know what I would do without her.

My dad came over early this morning so that I could take the boys to daycare on time. I had the lock company over at my house installing a second lock on my front door so that Sean can't just walk out the door again. (Recently he decided to walk out the door to put out some recycling and the cat got out). I didn't want to leave the guy alone in my house, so my dad came by to stay with him while he worked. While he was here, he also fixed our basement door as well as my patio door off my bedroom. Sean can no longer lock me out on me patio. There is no way for him to do it now.

Today I started my sewing class. For the next 11 weeks I will taking a beginner sewing class. Three of us registered for the class and left a deposit and I am the only one who showed up today. So I got a private first lesson. We're not sure what is going to happen, but they cannot cancel the class. If they would have, they would have done it before the class officially started. I say that because I already bought supplies today for the class, including a non-returnable pattern, so I hope that they really don't cancel the class. Apparently they are supposed to have at least 4 students to run the class, but they were going to do it this session with just 3 because they didn't want to lose us as clients. Anyhow, maybe I'll be lucky and have a private class for the next 10 more weeks. That would be great. Full attention. I would learn so much more in that way. We'll see what happens.

Today, we started with learning how to take body measurements. She measured me to show me, and take my measurements and then I measured her back to show that I learned what she said. Hopefully I'll remember next week if I'm asked again about measurements. I have it all in my notes though. I learned about tools too. I also bought my pattern for my first project. I am making a patchwork bag. At first I was supposed to be making a bag with no pattern, in non-stretch jean material. However, since I knit, and understand pattern reading, she asked me if I wanted to start out with a pattern and then decided that I can use 100% cotton instead of non-stretch jean material, if I didn't want to work with jean (which I don't really want).I will be starting my first project next week. I cannot wait!

On my way to pick up the kids from daycare I stopped by a friends house to pick up her donation for the knit-a-thon I am doing in November with my knit group. More about that shortly. I will give you information shortly on that. We chatted for a bit, and then I headed to pick up the kids.

Sean's teacher asked me today upon pick up if anything has changed in Sean's life recently. I didn't understand the question, but then she told me that Sean has been very emotional at daycare lately and she was wondering if there were any changes in his life. Honestly, none that I could think of. I really hope this is a phase that passes.

When we got home it was really nice outside, so we hung out outside for a bit.

I am so glad that we were able to get a bit of fresh air.

The boys had fun going up and down the stairs.

Sean played with his chicken, french fries & bread. He has been carrying them around for a while now. He has this thing for kitchen/food play toys lately.

And Mack played with an ice cream cone. The ice cream was broken off not too much before this photograph. From Sean's food/grocery set.

In this picture I see so much of my side of the family in Mack. It's errie. I see my cousin's on my dad's side of the family's kids in my son. Really freaky. Very distinctive features.

We stayed outside until Mack got cranky.

Sean tried to make him feel better by giving him a kiss. How sweet.

So we cleaned up the toys, (Sean still has a thing for placing things in lines) and headed inside.

This evening my sister came over and had dinner with us. She played with the kids for a bit, she helped me give them a bath, and then when I was putting them to bed she ran out to do an errand. Then she came back and we watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice together while knitting/crocheting. I worked on one square for babette, and she worked on her sweater. I also worked a bit on Mack's Best Friend's Birthday Blanket. Jamie had hockey tonight, on the team he plays on with my brother. It was nice to hang out with my sister, we haven't done this in a while.


Bea said...

I like plastic food toys too. My favorite thing as a kid besides my dolls that I would "feed".

Tara said...

I hope we get to see some of your sewing projects soon!