Friday, October 23, 2009

october twenty-three

My grandfather had his surgery this morning to repair his broken vertebrae. It went well. They are very hopeful at the hospital. They did not remove the ventilator during surgery, so they don't know yet if there is any damage to any of the nerves where it's swollen in his neck (or something like that). They did find fractured parts in his neck, which they can't do anything about and should heal on their own. I guess that means that his fever left in time, for them to do the surgery. He's had a long week but it's looking hopeful! He's in for a long recovery, but he will recover. Good news is always great!

Today I worked at home until it was time to go into work. I got my husband's cousin's daughter's first birthday invite in the mail today. It's in Ottawa. We'll be going, but it's going to be a tight squeeze. Sean has swimming 9:30 - 10 am, which I do not want to miss, and then we'll leave straight away to Ottawa to get there for the 12:30pm party. I'm taking my mom with me. I don't want to drive alone and Jamie has Habs tickets that day, and doesn't want to risk being late. Then, after that party, upon getting back to Montreal I have my step-mother-in-law's sister's 70th birthday party, which I will be taking the kids alone to, since Jamie's got those Habs tickets. What a busy day. For the first birthday party, we need to have each of my kids color in the number 1. (I guess number 1 for her first birthday). Sean will be able to do that no problem, and I am hoping that Mack doesn't eat the crayons. It's an activity I can have them do together. I think it'll be cute.

After work, I stopped off at my friend Dara's house as she has a 7 year old. However her 7 year old has small feet, so she told me that her son's friend would be over. I wanted to try on my nephew's tube socks to make sure they would fit him. Phew - they fit an average 7 year old! That's good news. Now I can cast on sock number 2! I didn't want to proceed without checking that the first one would fit, you know??? I stayed a bit and chatted with my friend and her friend who was over and then headed to pick up the boys.

Upon picking up Sean, they both decided to sit in the cubbies. It was too cute.

Sean was a good boy all week until today. Today he just wasn't listening. Ugh, I hope he's not backtracking from the improvement we've had over the last week. That would really suck. I was really hoping that phase was over. I guess we'll see next week.

I got the chance to photograph sock number 1 for my nephew's tube socks. I like how they turned out. I really hope he likes them!

And I got really lucky! I managed to find the RIGHT spot to start them to match...! I did work it out, to try to get the right spot, and it worked...! Not complicated at all. I can't wait to finish them.

This evening my in-laws came for dinner. My step-mother-in-law brought her home made lasagna, it was fabulous as always. And I'm super happy that there are leftovers for tomorrow. I'm claiming them for me....! It's just too freakin' good.

Tomorrow Mona is coming by with Egg, to pick up some yarn & so that Mack and Egg can play. They haven't seen each other in a while. Egg's birthday just passed and we got her a gift, but I wanted to make her something as well. This is what I came up with:

See Jane Frog. Rip It, Jane, Rip It!

Got Gauge?And her initial with a strawberry.

I made them all on size 2 (Egg just turned 1 but is bigger than Mack), so to be safe, I bought size 2. They are all on turtlenecks, which are great for cold Montreal winters. I hope she likes them!

I worked more on my nephew's tube socks this evening while Jamie & I watched Survivor from last night as well as 30 Rock from the last 2 weeks. That show is getting really bad. Not even funny anymore... I like Tina Fey, but come on! I also watched Grey's Anatomy which Jamie half watched with me. I'm not sure if I like the merger thing that's going on... but it's definitely bringing some new characters. Does anyone know if Izzy got fired or wanted to leave the show? I wonder if she's coming back - I like her.

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Mel said...

Glad to see you're catching up on blogging :)

I don't watch Gray's Anatomy religiously but I think I heard that Izzy wanted to leave the show to pursue more movie acting...

carolynswafford said...

I'm so glad to hear your grandfather is doing okay. Hopefully everyone is taking it a day at a time.

Your kids are so cute sitting in that cubby. As far as not listening for Sean - he's at that age. My Cole did the SAME thing, off and on. He'd have a couple of good days and then BAM! a bad day. I really, truly think it's a boy thing.


Kerry said...

Love the socks and turtlenecks! Too cute!!!

Jenn said...

Glad to hear that there is some good news with your Grandpa. My thoughts are with you and your family.
The turtlenecks are cute, I love the strawberry initial.

Bea said...

Yay for good news! Glad the socks will fit too. Cute shirts.

Sarah B. said...

Supposedly the break for Izzy is to accomadate a previous commitment to a film and she will be back afterwards. If you've noticed, Meredith is also not featuring much in the episodes and when she is, she's in bed. This is to accomadate her commitment to bringing a little on into the world!

Tara said...

Aw, Mack and Sean are adorable in their cubbies! Admit it though, you wanted to leave them in there! lol

g-girl said...

well to add to the why Izzy hadn't been on grey's, she also had a lil one to get used to if you hadn't already heard about the cutie she adopted from china! i'm not liking the merger stuff @ all either. everyone's back this week though..should be interesting! glad to hear your grandfather had his surgery after all! your nephew's socks look great! i'm sure he'll love them. the turtlenecks you personalized for Egg are darling! :)