Friday, October 16, 2009

october sixteen

This morning I still had a lot of laundry to fold before heading off on the road. I didn't want to leave without putting it all away, so that if Jamie needed anything he could find it. I swear, the laundry is just never ending. Sometimes I am just really amazed by the amount of laundry. I got the kids to daycare, and then dropped off Sean's car seat with something else I had for my mom at my mom's house as she was doing daycare pick up today. I went home and dropped off Mack's car seat and whatever else in the car that I didn't need in my car. I loaded the car and then picked up Amy. We made a quick stop on the way to get some boots as I didn't think that the shoes I had on me would keep my toes warm at the festival tomorrow. Then we picked up Madeleine. We picked up some Tim Horton's and headed to the USA. I stopped at Duty Free to pick up Jamie a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label (his occasional drink after a long day). It's a lot cheaper at duty free than at the SAQ. Then when we got to the border (after at least a half an hour wait), the border patrol was very nice. He took our passports, asked us where we were going, etc... and then when we said we were knitters going to a craft fair, he was like "Oh yeah, I see your friend in the back seat is knitting, is that a hat? Will it fit my head?" And gestured as if he was going to put on a hat. Too funny. People like knitters. We rock.

We stopped in Plattsburgh, NY for a couple of hours. I got my Target & Michaels fix.

We had a very late lunch at Applebees.

Then we headed to Poughkeepsie. I drove until Plattsburgh, then Amy drove Plattsburgh to Albany and then I drove from Albany to Poughkeepsie.

While Amy drove, I got to work on Mack's Best Friend's Birthday Gift.

I also found a moment to photograph the bracelet that I made for Tuesday Night's Guild Meeting, for the raffle. I think it's totally cute. I made one round squares and attached them with jump rings. Très Simple.

We got to the hotel shortly after 7pm and we checked in and headed to the room. We logged into our emails to email home and googled the closest Ruby Tuesday. There happened to be one just up Route 9, and not that far away at a mall (where there happened to be a Target that was opened until 10pm) So we had a yummy dinner - I love the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday, as well as the fact that you can get a burger on whole wheat buns!) After dinner we checked out Target and I ended up finding him a Mcdonald's cash register set (he's obsessed with "Ododonalds") and a cooking set that looks just like this one but wasn't that price.

Then because we had some time, we checked out a 24 hour Walmart. Yep, 24 hours. I couldn't believe it. 24 hours. We don't have that at home. Heck, sometimes at 3 am when I can't sleep, I wish I could go to Walmart and do a return when no one else is in line. Never fails whenever I have to go there to do a return there is a long line up. Amy wanted to get a back pack for Rhinebeck and we wanted to pick up snacks for tomorrow to kepe in our bags.

Now we're back at the hotel, and hanging out in the hotel room. Can't wait for Rhinebeck tomorrow! So freakin' excited.


Bea said...

Sadly I didn't get myself organized enough to go this year. Still planning on going next year. I guess I need to get on that, but it was ok to miss this year because as sick as I sounded they probably wouldn't have let me on the plane.

All the Walmarts around me are 24 hour. I didn't know they didn't do that everywhere.

Tara said...

Really? Would you REALLY go to Walmart at 3AM?!?

g-girl said...

lol! really? sometimes at 3AM you wish Walmart was open so you could go in there? too funny! oooh, a ruby tuesday! I've never been but I always see the commericals here! oh and your bracelet is cool!!