Saturday, October 17, 2009

october seventeen :: 16 Months Old

*** Warning: This is a very picture heavy post. ***

Mack is 16 months old today. He's at home, I'm in NY. I will take our self portrait tomorrow when I return home. Oh, do I miss my boys.

We set up the alarm for 7 am and got ready. We had complimentary breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the festival. We were on the road by 8:10, stopped for gas and then got to the fairgrounds by 8:50 am.

The parking lot was already filling up. Lots of people come from near & far to Rhinebeck.

There was no traffic into the fairgrounds from our end, but there was traffic from the other direction, which was everyone coming from Kingston, NY.

My very first purchase of the day, which was from The March Hare.
I bought 2 skeins, Grape Jelly & Ruby Slippers.

It was REALLY cold out there today. Thankfully I brought my hat.

Amy & I at the festival.

There was a lot of knitwear on display. Love the thigh high stockings.

And super cute aprons. Love this one.

Even the real Aflac duck was at Rhinebeck. You know, the one from the commercial.

And there were some smiley animals.

There were interesting signs for stuff for sale.

And really cute knitted gnomes.

I managed to score myself 2 pairs of free earrings for photographing this vendor's booth. She randomly asked me (since I had my Nikon D60 around my neck) to photograph her booth for her, since she needed some pictures for future craft show applications. She said I could have the earrings I picked out for free. What she didn't know is that she picked someone who has a degree in photography, and I gladly shot some images for her. Her earrings just rock!

We saw some really cute knitted sweaters. I just love them.

And some lovely creatively dyed yarn.

I picked up some yarn from Ginger Hill Farms. I love the basket that they had the yarn in.

Madeleine, Amy & I at Rhinebeck.

I got to see Jess again at Rhinebeck. Met her last year at Rhinebeck!

And got to see Casey again!

Got to meet Mary-Heather!

I also got to meet Sarah, the newest Ravelry employee.

Even Bob was there today!

I got to see Laura again.
I just love her designs.

I also got to see Dianne again, met her last year at Rhinebeck. Just love her yarn.

I got to see Karen again, also met her last year at Rhinebeck.

And we managed to run into Hattie! Finally after a LONG time of keeping in touch with her. Hattie is an awesome person. I am so happy that we ironically ran into each other!

And the Knitmore Girls were handing out free gifts, and we ran into them as well. That was super cool. I got a nice gift with some yarn.

I had a great time at Rhinebeck. It was super cold, so I didn't get to chill there and knit, but I am glad that I brought my hat, gloves, and Ishbel. I passed by Anne Hanson three times and never got the courage to go over to say hello & snap a picture with her. I just got shy all of a sudden. Oh well, maybe next time. Silly, I know.

I got some lovely yarn... which I will have to show you tomorrow. It's all yummy! Promise.

After we left we killed some time at the Village Diner.

While there I got warm with some soup and a whole wheat grilled cheese sandwhich. I worked on my nephew's tube socks. Amy met her "stomach match", someone with very similar stomach eating problems as she has. They exchanged information, it was cute.

We had a nice time just hanging out at the diner. It was nice and warm inside.

Finally it was time to head to the Ravelry Party at Elks Lodge.
It was hosted by the Ravelry Staff, Casey, Jess, Mary-Heather & Sarah.

I got to meet the lovely Ysolda, and show her my Ishbel, which I was wearing.
I even asked her how to pronounce Ishbel, which it's just "Ish-bel" as you'd say it.
No scottish accent to go with the name of the pattern, like some people think.
Someone actually once corrected me and told me it was "I-zo-bel".... wrong!

Turns out it was Ysolda all along in the knitted Bob!
She made it this past week, took her 5 days.
That's quite impressive!

I worked some more on my nephew's tube socks.

And some more on them. Hoping to get them done soon.

We met some awesome people at the Ravelry party. Like Lisa & Lisa. And Esther, Sara & another Lisa! Knitters just rock. I also saw Veronik at the party & chatted with her for a few minutes. She was with Pam Allen at the time, and I was too shy to even introduce myself, even though Veronik did for me. LOL. What's gotten into me!??

After the Ravelry party when we couldn't take the cold anymore, we headed over to the Eveready Diner, which I loved. I treated myself to an onion soup (which helped warm me up) and a Philly Cheese Steak wrap which was ever so yummy, and definitely recommendable.

Now we're back at the hotel, and I think we've decided to not go back to the festival tomorrow, we're all shopped out, and we can only bring back 400$ CAD without paying duty, not the 750$ CAD I thought we were allowed (750$ CAD is for 7 days out of the country). Silly me. Glad I looked it up.


Andrea said...

Looks like you had a really great time!!!

Bea said...

OH my goodness such fun!!

Tara said...

Ah, the Everready Diner. I'll get there someday!

g-girl said...

wow!!! you met ysolda?? too bad you were too shy to take a pic with anne of knitspot. gosh the parking lot was insane!!! one day i'd like to go to day...:) thanks for sharing all these pics to make us feel as though we were there with you though. :)