Tuesday, October 27, 2009

october twenty-seven

I kept Sean home again today. His cough still doesn't sound too good. I am hoping I can send him to daycare tomorrow, because I have to go into work since I didn't go today. I was able to have my mom pick up Mackenzie again today and take him to daycare. He missed his music class today because I just wasn't feeling too hot myself this morning, and my mother had stuff to do today and couldn't take him either.

I worked at home all morning, managed to get Sean to watch tv in the den quietly, which is next to my office. He did cause a bit of trouble here and there, but I managed to still get some work done.

This afternoon I had to take him out for a little bit, so I dressed him very warmly. I had a couple of errands I had to do - including getting groceries. Also, I checked a few stores for size 3 pants for Sean, with very little success until the last place. Why is so hard to find stuff that fits him? What I really needed was size 2x, but even that is impossible. I did manage to also find today (finally!) some 12-18 months pants for Mack. The length is perfect, though, trying them on him tonight, the waist is still a tad to big for my tiny little pisher. Hopefully he'll grow into them eventually. Though, I can tell you that he's still wearing some 9-12 month pj's (with no feet) and he's 16 and a half months old...

I picked up some Halloween candies, in case our doorbell does ring... I think I am going to go to the dollar store and pick up halloween treat bags. Make little bags for any trick-or-treaters. Should be fun!

So, today I looked around for Jamie's soap. He uses Irish Spring Sport. Apparently all of a sudden no one in Montreal carries it anymore. I asked at Jean Coutu - they will no longer be stocking their shelves anymore. Neither at Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart for the rest of Canada). None at Zellers, none at Walmart. These are all places I used to buy it before. If I would have known, I would have stocked up for him! I'm wondering if maybe I can get it in the USA. (If I would have known this last week, I would have looked when at Rhinebeck! Too late now). I don't understand why a soap like this is hard to find, when they still have other types of Irish Spring on the shelves. Anyhow, same thing like his hair gel going MIA, and I found some and stocked up (he's still got another year's worth about, as each bottle lasts him about 2 months or so and I think there's at least 6 bottles left in the storage closet). If ANYONE see Irish Spring Sport, do let me know where please! I picked up on sale today a 3 pack of 2 other kinds of Irish Spring for Jamie to try, but he wasn't impressed by the smell. I told him, just his luck. First the hair gel, now the soap... I hope not his shampoo or toothpaste he uses won't be next!

Oh - good news! My grandfather is out of ICU! That was shocking news! They moved him out! He's in his own room now. Not sure how long he'll be in the hospital for, but this is very good news. On the road to recovery!

The tree across from my house that I've been showing you that was gorgeous a week and a half ago, then lost it's leaves not too long after, is now got almost no leaves. I WAS going to go take nice pictures of the boys in the leaves.... as you see on the ground, but some woman & her son came and raked it all up. Why? I have no idea... because it's public property and not hers. So upset!!! Oh well... Maybe more leaves will fall...

Tonight Jamie & I chilled and watched some tv. I worked on my nephew's birthday socks, and actually finished them! I will post pictures tomorrow! They look great! I hope he likes them.

I currently have a Halloween Sale going on my shop. Come on and check it out here! There is some other stuff that is not in the SALE/CLEARANCE section on sale as well - check it out too!

I am having a raffle! (on top of my blogavesary contest! Still looking for the 8121st commenter!) So for this raffle - I will post the prize later this week - it'll be yummy yarn & knitting accessories! For every 10$ you donate to sponsor me in the all night knit-a-thon I will be doing on November 14th - 15th, 2009, you will get 1 entry to the raffle. (So if you donate 10$ you will get 1 entry, but if you donate 50$ you will get 5 entries - get it?) Yeah! So, look out for the yarnie prize this week, and please sponsor me! You can donate here. If you are in Canada, any donation above 10$ gets you a tax receipt. (Sorry, it's for Canadians only the tax receipt). Looking forward to your donations! This raffle will happen on Saturday afternoon, November 14th, before I go to the event!


Janet said...

re Irish Springs Sport. It looks like it's been discontinued in Canada (colgate.ca) but still available in the States. :( I hate it when something I like is discontinued!

Emily said...

Have you been having a lot of rain? The rain here yanks the leaves down off the trees in a HURRY. I love fall!

Bea said...

I'm commiserating with Sean since my cough still isn't going away. Hopefully his won't last like mine.

As far as pants that might be too short by the time he grows into the waist...Now that you can sew you can un-hem the bottoms and sew on a strip of some cute "boy" fabric and then hem that which make them just a bit longer.

We bought candy too but I'm sort of doubting we'll see any trick or treaters.

Sadly I think I've seen the sport here but that might be really expensive to ship. Maybe he'll just need to get used to another smell? I finally got Chris to try something new. What is it with guys?

Excellent news about your grandfather!!

Maybe she didn't want leaves blowing in her yard? I don't know what wind is like there but here we have crazy amounts of wind.

I sort of like you being up to date because I feel like I can really comment on posts since I'm not trying to read 10 at once :)

Hattie said...

Sent my donation!

Nicole said...

that's great that your grandfather is out of the ICU!
I'm not one for prayers, but I've been sending good vibes :)

ikkinlala said...

I'm glad your grandfather is recovering, and I hope Sean is feeling better too.

Tara said...

Maybe they needed the leaves for Hallowe'en decorations? I certainly wouldn't be raking up the leaves on public property, lol.