Sunday, October 25, 2009

october twenty-five :: 147 Weeks Old

Sean is 147 weeks old today.

The kids came back around lunch today (it was nice to sleep in until then!), being dropped off by my sister after she took Sean out for brunch, and my mother brought Mack back on her way to the hospital today. My grandfather is doing well, and by the looks of it, his respirator should come out tomorrow. They've brought his oxygen level from 30% to 8% today, and slowly the will bring it down until he doesn't need it anymore, and he's breathing on his own. This is such good news.

This afternoon the lovely Tara came by for a little bit. Sean is absolutely smitten with Tara and they shared some laughs while coloring. We had a cup of tea and then Tara had to go. It was nice catching up with her again.

This afternoon the boys had fun playing sports in the basement. Sean goes from hockey to basketball to bowling back to hockey, then to baseball... it never ends!

Mack has taken a liking to hockey - that's my boy!

And Sean is getting super at scoring at basketball!

Like I said yesterday, Sean is obsessed with these goggles. I do have to admit - they're freaking cute on him. I can't even remember where they came from? I think they were a gift.

This afternoon Sean decided he wanted to be an alien and walk around my bedroom without pants on and with my flip flops on his hands. I love kids and their imagination! It's awesome.

The progress on my Go Habs Go Socks.
Almost there!

And my nephew's birthday tube socks.

Getting there on my projects! Working on deadlines mainly, actually. After this I have another deadline, and then a few baby blankets to whip up - I'll talk about those tomorrow.

I worked on the never ending laundry until we went to my parents house for dinner tonight. Both my grandmothers were there tonight, it was nice to see them both. It was nice for my dad's mom to come over and be away from the hospital for a bit and to see my kids (her great-grandsons). Dinner was great, but I can see how tired my parents are from this past week. I really hope that this upcoming week is a better week and things start to go better.

Holy... it's October 25th? Next weekend is Halloween?? This is the last week of October? Where on earth has time gone? I can't believe that there is only 2 months left of the year....!


Bea said...

Somehow your socks seem to fit better on the blockers. I'm totally with you about October flying by. Glad your grandfather will be getting off the respirator.

Amelah said...

I totally used your kids to get bubbie to come and leave the hospital! I told her i told Sean she was coming and that he was super excited :) Which he was when I said Bubbie Esther & Bubbie Rita!

She needed a good home cooked meal, even though she barely ate!

I had fun with Sean! thanks!

ikkinlala said...

This post brings back memories of my brother when he was about Sean's age. We didn't have a basement at that point, so he'd be playing hockey in the kitchen and running back and forth to watch part of the game on TV. He was a Habs fan at that point (because my uncle is), and J.J. Daigneault and Eric Desjardins featured prominently in his imagined games.

Tara said...

Upsy Daisy!!!

g-girl said...

wow, your boys are lucky to have a room where they can play basketball, hockey, AND bowling! things will eventually return to normal for your just takes time.