Friday, October 30, 2009

october thirty

Mack was the first one in his costume this morning.

Of course now Mack is obsessed with hockey just like Sean is, and can't put the stick down.

Next, I managed to get Sean into his costume. That was a little more trickier. It took me about 15-20 minutes to get him to put it on. It took a little bribing to be honest.

I managed to get them to sit on the hallway stairs to take a few pictures.
I don't like picture with flash, so Sean liked the idea to go outside to take some natural pics.

The first few pictures were nice, but it took a few minutes before they warmed up.

I got some cute shots, and the boys warmed up to each other.

This is one of my new fave photos. My tiger & my lion.

And I love this one too.

Such cute photos. Halloween time rocks. I can't wait to get these printed.

This morning when I got Sean's daycare to drop him off the daycare Coordinator asked me to see her in her office after I left Sean off with his class. My first instinct was "oh no, what did Sean do...?" Well, it was actually good news. She wants to see my in her office on Monday, to talk about which of 2 dates Mack will start there! THIS IS AMAZING! No more 2 drop offs. I love it. It's going to make things so much easier. I am not going to say anything yet at Mack's daycare until I've signed the paperwork at Sean's daycare. Oh, this news made my day. When I go on Monday I will be prepared with all of Mack's papers (birth certificate, medical records, etc) so that I am prepared 100%. I want this all to go 100% smoothly. No derails, no delays.

Before I left to work I called Sean's daycare to make sure that he was okay to stay, and they assured me that he was doing fine, so I headed to work. Work was pretty relaxed today and I went to lunch with Jamie and our manager next door for some Chinese Food. The food was alright.

I did groceries on my way home from work, checking out a grocery store that I had never been to before. I only had a certain amount of time before I had to go pick up both kids. The groceries were needed for dinner, so I needed them then and I didn't feel like doing groceries with one or both kids. Taking them into a grocery store isn't so much fun these days. They both like to touch everything.

When we all came home, I did a dishwasher load just in time before our first guest showed up. We had 3 of Jamie's ex-coworkers over for dinner. One was really late, as she was coming from work not exactly in the area. We were all starving by the time she got there, and Mack was already in bed.

Dinner was nice. It's always nice to have guests over for dinner. We had Chinese Fondu and it was really good. I love it. Every time. Sean was pretty much well behaved, but wouldn't go to bed because there were people over. As usual. He's like that whenever people are over. Feels like he's going to be missing out on the party. I once had someone over and had to have them pretend to leave and go hide in the front foyer of the house until he was in bed, so that I could still hang out with them after he went to bed.

It was really nice to catch up iwht them. Only one of them 3 of them that came tonight still work at the company that they all used to work at together. So they did still talk shop a bit, and I felt a little left out when they did. I had no idea who any of these people are that they were talking about or any of the things about the job that they discussed. I still enjoyed myself, but I wish I could have contributed more to the conversation.

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missfee said...

those are very cute outfits for halloween - we missed out on a party here as we were both sick - but it is fun today looking at all of the costumes everyone wore

Mel said...

your boys are so adorable in their costumes! They must have been warm indoors but so perfect for outdoors!

Kimber said...


I am also glad to read that your Grandpa is out of the ICU!

Anonymous said...

The boys look great, hope they did lots of trick and treating

Zonda said...

The boys look so cute! Sean reminds me of the year I made my daughter's lion costume. Not as cool as Sean's though :)

Robyn (robngord at cogeco dot ca) said...

Your boys look great in their Halloween costumes. I can't believe how quickly the boys are getting bigger. Great news about having both boys at the same daycare centre! Hope the appointment goes smoothly! Robyn in Ontario

Kerry said...

OMG!!! The boys are too cute in their costumes! Dailaesse was Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place this year. Everyone told her how cute she was when we were out trick or treating. Then they asked who she was. LOL Hope you had a great time with the boys!

illahee said...

oh, they're so cute!!

ikkinlala said...

Those are adorable costumes!

Amelah said...

OMG I have the cutest nephews! i love love love those pictures!!

Bea said...

Oh my goodness! So cute! I'm so glad that Mack will finally be able to go to the other daycare and you didn't have to pester too much.

Sarah B. said...

The boys looked adorable in their costumes! BTW, love your new header!

Tara said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE! I need to have my camera at the ready all the time, *sigh*. Of course, I don't have your talent, but still.

dawn said...

The boys in their costumes are adorable!

g-girl said...

how cute are they your tiger and your lion! oh my gosh, i was so excited to read that mack will be going to sean's daycare soon!!! i hope the transition is a smooth one for him. with sean already there it should be easier (hopefully!).