Saturday, October 10, 2009

october ten

This morning I woke up feeling very congested in my face. It felt like a sinus thing. I couldn't even get out of bed this morning, so I played hookey with Sean's swim class (oops).

I did a LOT of laundry today. It really never ends. I cannot stop complaining about how it never ends, but that's okay. A family of four is what I have, so I just have to deal with all the loads. And I have 2 young kids who spill things on themselves or wake up a bit wet in the morning, and need changes of clothing, sometimes numerous times a day. I guess the endless loads of laundry will end when they move out one day. Until then, I'm glad I have my own washing machine & dryer.

Tara came over this afternoon to pick up some yarn and stayed for a cup of tea. She got persuaded by Sean to play hockey cards with him (meaning Tara flips a card and Sean says what hockey team the logo is... he's pretty darn impressive if you ask me). It was nice catching up with Tara this afternoon.

Sean got to play outside in our yard with Harley, as my sister brought him over so that Sean & Harley could run around outside and tire each other out. What a good idea that was.

Jamie and my father worked on trying to get the railing installed in front of our house, but that didn't work out as planned. The railing we got doesn't exactly fit in front of our house. So now we're back to square one, and I will have to call to see if I can find someone to give us a quote for them to install a railing. It needs to be done before winter. No questions about it.

After Tara left, Sean helped me bake a whole wheat apple cake and brownies. I was going to make one whole wheat apple cake and one regular flour apple cake, but Jamie had eggs for breakfast this morning and ate one egg too many so I didn't have enough eggs left for 2 apple cakes. I did however have enough to make 1 apple cake and some brownies. Sean was a very good helper while I baked.

This evening we went to Jamie's step-sister's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious. It also happens to be my father-in-law's birthday tomorrow, so we celebrated it tonight. We had a nice evening. It's always nice to be surrounded by family for Thanksgiving. This year it was really small, but that's okay.

Now I'm about to go watch the late Habs game with Jamie on the couch, and hope that I don't fall asleep! GO HABS GO!


Bea said...

I think it ends before they move out because when they are teenagers you can make them do their own.

Tara said...

Sean impressed me too! Kid knows more about hockey than I do, lol.

g-girl said...

they love helping bake, don't they? that is cute that sean and tara played hockey cards!