Saturday, October 24, 2009

october twenty-four

I am not really too sure what happened, but I couldn't couldn't get my act together this morning to take Sean to his swim class. Partly I overslept and then Sean wasn't cooperating in the morning to actually get out the door on time. So instead, I got him dressed and we headed out to run some errands. First, Jamie wanted breakfast, so I picked him up what he wanted and then brought it back to him at home. Then Sean and I went to the post office to mail a few things. After that we went to the local market where there is a magazine store, and they had a few different issues of Simply Knitting waiting for me. It turns out I already had August, but they had September & October's waiting for me there. The guy special orders them for me now, he doesn't keep them in stock. He says he has been trying to reach me, I think there might be a problem with our answering machine, which I need to look into. Then we picked up Sean a pumpkin (he picked it out all by himself) and we got some groceries next door. He got a little scared by a little kid wearing a "scary" halloween costume... Oy, am I going to have problems on Halloween night? I am wondering if he's going to be scared.

We then stopped by the library on the way home to pick up a book that they called me that they received as an inter-library transfer, a book I'd requested when I went with Sean on October 3rd. The only reason I know this date, is because our books were due today, and they're 3 week loaners. It's a behavioral book, and it hails from the National Library of Canada. Wow, I am really impressed that I am able to take out a book from Ottawa, in my own city. It's pretty neat if you ask me. I am just glad that if I am looking for a book that my own library doesn't have - they can search anywhere for it. I wonder if it's limited to just Canada, or if they can search for a book outside of Canada. We also renewed the books that Sean took out, he really likes them, so I figured I'd keep them for another 3 weeks.

We headed home after all that to have some lunch. After lunch, I worked in my office until our visitors arrived.

Mona came with Egg to visit us.

Recently it was Egg's 1st birthday. My boys got her a doll to play with, since she didn't have a doll yet and every girl needs a doll. Egg decided to kiss the doll upon seeing it!

Sean was a little goofy and lately has been obsessed with wearing these googles. Cute, I know.

They stayed for a while, and the kids played, had popcorn and made a mess in the playroom (what else is new...!) Egg loved her birthday gifts. I am totally in love with this shawl that Egg is wearing above. It's Mona's design, Kamouraska. It's on Ravelry here. Or if you're not on Ravelry, it's on her sidebar of her blog here.

Shortly after Mona & Egg left, I packed up the kids for the evening. My sister came to pick up Sean, as they were going to decorate pumpkins and then he is sleeping over at my sister's place tonight. Mack got picked up by my mother and he's spending the night at their house. It's rare that we get an evening to ourselves. Though, we had a fun packed evening ahead of us.

We went to a Habs game! And I got to work on my Go Habs Go socks, which I am only working on at games. Tonight was session number 7, and I honestly think that one more session and I will be done... I made great progress tonight. I might actually be able to finish them at just about the one year mark. I cast them on November 24th, 2008 and I am going to a game at the end of November, in about a month's time... and I am going to knit-knit-knit all that game to get them done! It's a challenge. The history of all the games they've been knit on at, is on the project page on Ravelry. I even have the scores of the games, etc! Talk about statistics!

Jamie & I had a great time - the Habs won 5-4 in overtime against the New York Rangers. The first period really sucked, but then they came back big time... it was quite the game in the end!

I even got kinneared at tonight's hockey game. Mack's friends parents have Habs tickets two seats over from ours. We arranged it so that we would both be at tonight's game so we could see each other. Well... apparently she finds it amusing that I knit at games. Her husband has been making fun of me for months. He goes to all the games, she just goes when she can get a babysitter for their son. Anyhow, at intermission he asked to see my sock. And then he felt it. And he as like "Oh wow... that's soft"... and "Oh, wow, that's pretty impressive, their vintage colors..." Yeah! How do you like them apples?? I guess he won't be making fun of me knitting at games anymore? I barely look at my stitches when I knit, so I told him multi-tasking is not a problem, and I've still got my eye on the game! He shut up quite quickly...! I'm waiting to see how long it takes him to ask me for a pair of socks for himself.

It was nice to come home to a quiet house. We watched an episode of Dexter, and we were able to put the TV as loud as we wanted. Rare occurance around here. Now, I was going to watch some shows in bed that are .avi's - but I cannot find our Sling Box remote (the machine that plays those .avi's off my USB key....) One of the kids stashed it somewhere and I just cannot find it. It sucks!


Bea said...

Chris has already figured out that if he wants something that isn't here its very unlikely I'll go get it for him. If I'm going out to do errands then I'll get whatever it is on the way home.

Amelah said...

Hope you enjoyed the night to yourself! I enjoyed the night with Sean!!!! So much fun!!!!

Good for u donating from your patterns!!! If I did not own most of them lol...i will see if there is any i wanted ;-) I am doing good on raising some money tho!

Tara said...

I've never looked at your Habs socks project page on Ravelry, I didn't realize you had all the stats from every game you knit on them. Neat!

g-girl said...

Egg is absolutely darling! how sweet that she loved the dolls the boys got her! sean is funny with those goggles of his! your habs socks are comin' along great. :)