Sunday, October 11, 2009

october eleven :: 145 weeks old

Sean is 145 weeks old today.

This morning we hung around the house in pj's. I love Sunday mornings for this.

I absolutely love Sean's new car pj's.

And I love Mack's new hoodie set.

For lunch we went to a local fave restaurant. Mack impressed us again with his eating skills.

And Sean had fun coloring with daddy while waiting for lunch.

After lunch we went to Costco to pick up diapers. I feel like I'm always buying diapers. I was actually shocked that it wasn't a zoo at costco today. Usually on Sunday it's insane there. Today, it actually wasn't.

After Costco I did a lot more laundry and then we went to my parents house for dinner. We had some very delicious filet mignon. It had been a while since I've had filet mignon. How do you like your meat? I like mine with no pink, but not burned either.

When we got home and put the kids to bed we caught up on Entourage and my fave line tonight is "He Jason Bourned Me".... Just too funny. If you watch the show you'll get it. It's just a fabulous line! We finished watching the current season tonight, we had 2 episodes left to catch up on. Afterwards, Jamie went to go do his own thing so I watched Desperate Housewives which was on tonight, and worked on Mack's Best Friend's Birthday Gift. The party is next Sunday. I hope to have it done before I leave for Rhinebeck. Sean's blanket is 70 rows. I want to make Mack's best friend's at least 60 rows, and as of now I have almost 36 rows complete, which calcualtes to 60% of the blanket complete. If i have enough time I'll make the additional 10 rows, but I don't think my pattern repeat will work out into the 10 extra rows to be the same size as Sean's blanket. My pattern goes as follows:

6 rows green, 2 rows blue, 6 rows green, 4 rows blue, repeat. So it's an 18 row repeat, and that works out to 54 rows, + an additional green at the end to be the same on each end, which brings it to 60 rows. If I wanted to add on another repeat, it would end up too long I think. I will see how it looks at 60 rows.


Bertha said...

I like my meat burned! I always ask for it extra well-done at restaurants. It drives Matt crazy because he's like "What is the point of ordering super expensive filet mignon if you're just going to ruin it by overcooking!!" Ha. I like making him crazy ;)

Bea said...

I like mine pink on the inside. Not juicy and red, but pink. Usually I ask for Medium or medium rare.

Tara said...

I used to be a well-done girl, but now I'm more of a medium rare aficionado. Deep pink and juicy, yum!

g-girl said...

ya know, i used to be a well-done girl (cos of my dad!) and then I kinda morphed into a medium-well gal but i can do medium--that's how my husband takes his steam when we're out. love seans jammies and mack's hoodie too!