Thursday, October 15, 2009

october fifteen

This morning, Sean didn't want to leave our house. He wanted to stay with our cleaning lady and help clean with her. You know, his love for cleaning products (like vacuums and brooms). (Sometimes I think that my son would do a better cleaning job than my cleaning lady, but good help is very hard to find). He threw a fit. Fits are a common occurrence around here lately.

This morning after I finally got the 2 of them to daycare I ran some errands. Apparently no where has Irish Spring Sport anymore. It's the only soap that Jamie likes to use, and from the last time I stocked up, we have none left. I really hope that I am able to find some, or he's going to have to change soaps. I was baffled that neither pharmacy I went into this morning had any. (When they usually do). I hate not being able to find what I am looking for.

I worked from home the rest of the morning and then ran to my sewing class. It will be a private class for me from now on, which I have absolutely no objection to. It just means one on one and maybe I can do more and learn more in this class because of it! Today I cut out the fabric to the pattern I chose. It took all class, which is fine. I'm still learning to do things precisely. I didn't realize how much time it takes to do this part. Hopefully the sewing will go much quicker than the preparation.

On my way home I picked up USD for my trip. I didn't have any US money on me before, so I had to pick up. The dollar is so good right now, it was like 6$ on 100$. Every 100$ US cost about 106$ Canadian. I can't believe how cheap it is. I think after this trip I am going to buy some more for our Florida trip.

When I got home, I fell in love with this tree in front of my house. It's gorgeous. I just absolutely love this time of the year. After I picked up the kids from daycare, I went to go see my (ex)Aunt. (My dad's brother's ex-wife). I am actually closer with her than I will ever be with my dad's brother. She had something for me and I wanted to give her a zucchini from my garden since she had been asking me all summer to try one, and the ones I had now were the last of the bunch from this summer. I wanted to give it to her before it went bad. I then dropped off some stuff at my parents house that they need for my kids for this weekend. My mom is helping out with birthday parties while I'm at Rhinebeck. I wanted ot give her the gift for the party Sunday, so that Jamie didn't accidently mix it up with the gift for the Saturday party. (My boys have a busy weekend ahead of them).

Tonight Sean wanted pizza (his request) so we ordered in for them. After their bath, the kids went to bed and Jamie & I hung out and watched Survivor which was on tonight, and then Law & Order. I also started to watch Grey's Anatomy, but got distracted from it. I folded a LOT of laundry tonight (yep, really it's never ending) as I wanted it to alllllll be put away before I leave for the weekend.

There is no way I can have Mack's best friend's birthday gift finished before I leave, but you know what, I wanted to give it to his mom in person, myself, so I don't mind. I see them on Tuesdays for Mack's music class, so that's when I will give it to her. By Tuesday it should be finished no problem.


Bea said...

Love the tree!

Tara said...

Why do we always end up running around like lunatics when we're about to go somewhere? :)

g-girl said...

oh, i love the colors of the tree! i think that's why i've grown to love fall too..such beautiful colors. :) were you able to get your hands on some irish spring sport or has jamie had to switch to something else? why is it guys are so difficult when it comes to soap or even deodorant?? teehee.