Sunday, October 04, 2009

october four :: 144 weeks old

Sean is 144 Weeks Old Today.

I got to sleep in today. Jamie lets me do this on Sundays, which I am very appreciative for. Today I did a huge house clean-up. We started in the playroom, and I totally re-organized everything. I went through every toy in that room. I made piles of pieces that are supposed to be together. This was long over due. I made a garbage bag of baby toys that Mack is now too old for. I will wash the items that need to be washed and then those items will go into storage (for a maybe one day baby number 3 - I'm still working on Jamie) or to my sister when she has kids one day in the future. I made one bag full of stuffies (I hate stuffed animals now more than ever) for donation. I hope to get rid of them soon. We have way too many in our house. I hope we get no more coming into this house. I tried to put all their toys back together, but we are still missing a few toys that I just can't find the pieces for. Hopefully they will turn up.

Jamie made omlettes for lunch, with leftover items from dinner last night. We always do this the next morning after having fondu. It's just so good! So delicous. A great idea not to have waste. Mack will really eat anything. He's such a good eater. Sean on the other hand has become a bit of a picky eater, but we can get him to eat most things. Just not all like his brother.

Mack had a good nap this afternoon. A nice long one. His brother on the other hand.. doesn't nap on the weekends anymore. I don't even know if I were to put him in our bed with me, that he'd nap. And that means I wouldn't be able to get anything done, because I'd have to nap with him. I would have to make sure that I had nothing to do that needed to get done in order to get him to possibly nap. If even. Ugh! I hate that my almost 3 year old has decided to give up naps.

This evening we headed over to my parents for Sunday night dinner. Just like Fridays nights we see my in-laws, Sunday nights we see my parents. It's kind of become a tradition, but I like it.

My grandparents came for dinner tonight, so it was nice to see them and for them to see the kids. They don't get to see them too often, so it's nice when they do.

Tonight I started working on Babette, and I think I'm hooked (literally)! I plan on using solids/tonal sock yarn only. I am starting out with making 5 round squares, and then we'll see from there. (Maybe make some 10 round ones as well - we'll see!) I am just loving it. I've made 2 squares tonight, and I have some yarn (leftover bits) planned out for a few more squares. Though, I don't have that many tonal/solids in handpainted or kettle dyed, or even factory made yarn. If you have any scraps (I would need about 5g - I could tell you how exactly to measure it out), please let me know. Maybe we can swap, or something...! Please let me know if you have anything for my blanket! That would be great. These little squares are so addictive and I really should be working on other stuff with deadlines!! I'm horrible!

This evening after we got in from dinner, Jamie and I watched this past week's Survivor, and then I watched Desperate Housewives as well as Law & Order SVU while working on Mack's Best Friend's birthday present. It's coming along.


Bea said...

Sadly I have no yarn bits to share because you've basically gotten all but my very latest bits.

Tara said...

I'll try to remember to send you my bits when I have some ;)

g-girl said...

i love that picture of mack in the green top! :)