Tuesday, October 20, 2009

october twenty

This morning we had music class. I managed to finished Mack's Best Friend's Birthday Blanket before leaving the house this morning. Talk about good timing. This morning all I had to do was weave in the ends. I also managed to get it done just before a company showed up to take some measurements for a quote on a railing for outside our house. We want it installed before the winter. I basically want the same thing my mother has outside her house, so I'm waiting for a quote.

Pattern: Easy Ripple Afghan by SusanB (Ravelry Link)
For: Mack's Best Friend's 1st Birthday
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Green & Denim. (3 skeins of denim & 1 skeins of white)
Hook: 5.5 mm (I)
Size: Toddler Length. Finished size is 33 inches by 31.25 inches. 3 blue sections, of 2 rows per section. 3 blue sections, of 4 rows per section. 7 green sections, of 6 rows per section.
Total of 60 rows. It’s 130 stitches wide.
Timeline: September 24th, 2009 - October 20th, 2009
Modifications: Followed pattern as published to my own desired length.
Opinion: Love it. Mack's Best Friend & his mom love it. That's all that matters!

Mack's Best Friend upon receiving his new blanket.

Mack's Best friend with his mom enjoying the blanket during music class.

After music I dropped Mack off at daycare and and headed to work. I was having problems today with the program I use at work and it wasn't allowing me to delete a field and it was just very aggravating. I am hoping that my manager will find the time to look into it before I start work on Friday. I even tried rebooting my computer, but that wasn't it at all. So frustrating.

After picking up the kids from daycare I realized that I had a UPS run from last week that I forgot, so I ran home to get it, and then ran to UPS before they closed. Made it there in the knick of time. I was home alone tonight with both kids as Jamie had Habs tickets for tonight. I made some simple whole wheat Mac N Cheese (cuz sometimes you just want simple) and the kids absolutely love it. Hey, I love it too.

The update on my grandfather is that he's been resting today and has had a bunch of tests that we won't know the results until tomorrow. I am going to go visit him tomorrow in the hospital sometime after the kids are in daycare now that he's stable. Since my grandfather is pretty much sedated to help him with the pain, at this point I would be going more for my grandmother, whom for the first bit of this journey didn't want anyone to come down to the hospital. But I think she's okay with visitors (immediate family anyhow) visiting. He's looking better but has a long recovery ahead of him. He's such a fighter, it's amazing.


Hattie said...

I need to make the kids blankets again. I crocheted some when they were babies but they are a good bit too small to be useful now!

Bea said...

Love hearing that he is doing better and better. The blanket turned out cute!

Tara said...

That blanket's going to get a lot of use! Glad to hear your grandfather's doing better.

g-girl said...

the blanket looks great! :)