Sunday, October 18, 2009

october eighteen :: 146 Weeks Old & Yesterday's 16 Months Old

Today we slept in a little bit and then packed up the hotel room. We headed down for breakfast, and had this lady stop me while I was eating to ask me a million questions about my Ishbel. We wanted to leave back to the room as we were finally done and she just wouldn't leave us alone. Left her friend at the table and came over and wanted to even touch my Ishbel. She made my take it off. It was really strange!

We got on the road around 10:45 am and headed back home. I drove from Poughkeepsie to Albany. We got lost a little in New Paltz, NY, as we missed the entrance to the I-87 from the 299. No idea how we missed it, but we finally found it after asking for directions.

Amy drove from Albany to Plattsburgh, NY. I worked a bit on Mack's Best Friend's Birthday gift and closed my eyes for a bit. Let's just say we made good timing back to Plattsburgh, and we weren't even going fast. I think going home always seems to go faster, maybe it's because on the way there you just want to get there already, and you feel like it just takes forever? Is that even possible? Maybe also less traffic?

We stopped in Plattsburgh to have something to eat and go to the washroom.

I drove Plattsburgh, NY to home. The guy at the border was super nice, and let us go through with no problems at all. Very simple questions, where were you, how long were you there for, who owns this car, what do you have to declare. Etc. If you're honest, then you don't have problems. And that's the way I like to keep it.

I dropped off Madeleine first. Then I dropped Amy off at home. I went to my mom & dad's house to shower and surprise the boys as Jamie was bringing them to dinner there tonight. We weren't expected back from NY until later tonight, but since it was raining in Rhinebeck and Poughkeepsie, we didn't want to go walk around the festival like that, especially since most of it was outdoors to walk. When I got there, my mom & dad were scrambling to leave the house as the hospital just called, my grandfather was in an accident. At that point, they didn't know anything more. They told us to say (my brother had just arrived as well) as the table was already set for dinner. I took a quick shower and waited for the boys to arrive. When the boys got there they were really happy to see me! I missed them so much!

We had pizza and then we went home. Jamie and hockey with my brother tonight, for the team they play on. I sat at home waiting for a call from either my parents or my sister who was also waiting for my parents to call one of us.

Looks like my grandfather had a heart attack and drove his car into someone's backyard pool. He's in critical condition, and has internal bleeding. You can read the new article here. It was karma that a 17 year old lifeguard was walking his dog and ran to jump into the pool and pull my grandfather out of the water. My grandfather (my dad's dad) was pronounced drowned and with no pulse when he was pulled out. CPR was preformed and he was resuscitated. We are not sure what is going on, but he is alive, and that's all that matters right now. It's all in god's hands. My grandfather was taken to a hospital in the city that has an excellent trauma unit and he's in really good hands. It didn't really hit me that it was real until I saw the footage tonight on the 11pm news. The car that my grandfather drove used to belong to me, and it just really hit me seieng it on the news just now. I will keep you updated as I know more, and let you know what is going on.
Sean is 146 weeks Old today.

Mack turned 16 months old yesterday.
So since I was in the USA yesterday, here is our self-portrait today for that.

I was going to blog about my yarn haul from Rhinebeck, but with all that is going on with my grandfather, I will post that tomorrow when I'm in better spirits. Suddenly my yarn purchases just aren't that special anymore. Hoping to hear more news soon. And hoping it's better news.


Hattie said...

I recognize those bridges...

Hope your grandfather is doing better now!

Bea said...

Sorry about your grandfather. (and was glad to see the email that he was doing better!)

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I am so glad that your grandfather is okay!

Tara said...

I know your Zayda's accident has been (and continues to be) an ordeal for your family. Hang in there.

g-girl said...

he's in everyone's thoughts that keep up with your blog. :) i'm sure that's helping his recovery!