Wednesday, July 01, 2009

july one :: 54 weeks old :: HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Mack is 54 weeks old today.

This morning Jamie's good friend's parents came over to borrow a few things that we had in storage. Their daughter has twins and will be staying with them twice this summer. We loaned them a crib, a pack'n'play, my 2 bouncy/vibrate chairs, and gave them some toys. I even sold some stuff to them that I was going to put up on Craigslist. It was so much easier selling it all to someone I know, rather than list it on Craigslist. The twins are 8 weeks old right now, so they're not big enough for my exercauser and jumperoo, which I would have loaned out as well. All the stuff we loaned out, I asked for it back, since we're not sure yet if we're done having kids, and if we are, I'm keeping it for my siblings future kids. (Providing that there aren't new laws concerning cribs or pack'n'plays, etc....).

At lunch we went to my great Aunt's house for a brunch. We have family in from the USA (California) so we had a brunch so everyone could see everyone.

Group shot of the boys.

Group shot of the girls.

My boys.

Me and my boys.

Mack playing with Papa's (my dad) iphone.

Sean enjoying desert!

It was so nice seeing our cousins. They come into Montreal every other summer or so. It's nice to see them. And Sean had a good time hanging out with his cousins again. Mack's still too young to know the difference!

Both boys were so tired they fell asleep almost immediately upon getting back to the car.

We received some gifts today (below):

Colored goldfish, which we cannot get here in Canada, and was requested if they had the chance to pick up a box for us. Sean is now one happy camper! It's so dumb that we cannot get these here in Canada. Any other flavor, not a problem! But the colored ones..... nope. This box will be gone before I know it, I'm sure.

Sean got a towel embroidered with his name on it. It's super gorgeous! My cousin who made it, also embroidered the octopus on it as well. I'm super jealous of her sewing machine!

And Mackenzie got a quilt. WOW is this gorgeous. I was shocked that he got something so beautiful. It's a little larger than crib size, but it's perfect. I hope he likes it and it keeps him cozy for years to come. It's embroidered with his full name, birthday, birth time, birth weight & height. Wow! I'm impressed.

Mackie likes it too. It's super soft and cozy. I hope Sean doesn't get jealous of it. Maybe I need to learn to quilt! Quilting is actually on my to do list. One day...! One day.

I did some work this afternoon while the kids played. My work continued on after dinner as well. I had some stuff that I wanted to take care of, so I got it done. We're not big fans of fireworks and such, so we didn't go out to see the Canada Day celebrations, it's just not our thing. Maybe when the kids are a little older we'll go for them, but right now they are both still too young for late night fireworks, especially when there's daycare/work the next day. The fireworks don't usually start until 9:30-10pm, (we actually heard them from our house), but Sean's bedtime is at/around 8pm. No way I was keeping him out that late. (Though, he'd probably be able to stay awake, but since his only nap was a 20 minute nap on the way home from my great aunt's house in the city, keeping Sean up that late (if he'd make it), he'd be super cranky. Mind you, he'd probably find second wind. Oh well, not this year.

Jamie & I were going to watch the movie Push with Dakota Fanning, but when we realized it was a 2 hour movie, it was too late to start it. We'll save it for the weekend or something. Has anyone seen it? Any good? Worth our time? So we just watched tv instead for a while.

So, Mike Komisarek (total cutie) has signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is VERY upsetting. We have so many free agents this year. It seems like Kovalev and Koivu won't be coming back either, but nothing has been set in stone yet. Looks like we're going to have a brand new team next season. The players (about 10 of them) became free agents as of today... so we'll be finding out as time goes by where our players will end up. If Koivu leaves, I'll have to find a new boyfriend on the team! Koivu was my fave Habs player.


Bea said...

This looks like a fun day. I'm shocked that Sean is actually smiling AND looking at the camera.

Jenny said...

Happy Canada day! I love the pictures of the boys-it is amazing how big they are getting!

Anonymous said...

Looking at Amy's pictures from the stash party i must tell you, Sean is ready to join the weekly knit nights
LOL Madeleine

Knit Girl said...

Great quilt your family member made you! It's simply gorgeous!

Looks like a fun day.

Amelah said...

Thos things she made for the boys were awesome! Would love to learn how to make blankets & towels like that!! She should sell them on etsy!

Tara said...

I miss fireworks! We used to go every weekend, but with the kids, I agree, it's just too complicated. Oh well!

Nell said...

Gorgeous quilt! What a lucky guy!!

g-girl said...

how cool that your family that lives in Cali came to visit! :) the towel is amazing and the quilt! wow. both sean and mack got lucky. and the rainbow goldfish! i wonder why you don't have them in canada. i guess it's like how we don't have ketchup flavored lays. ;) did you get to watch push yet? it's one we're waiting to watch too.