Tuesday, July 07, 2009

july seven

This morning upon dropping off Sean at daycare, he had a rough start. He didn't want to go into his classroom, but to his old classroom. It took a few minutes, but his new teacher (one of them) seamed to calm him down and got him into the classroom okay.

After dropping off Sean I went to the post office to pick up yesterday's missed package as the slip said that it would be there last night after 5pm. Well, it still wasn't there this morning. I wasn't going for nothing though, I had some stuff to ship for the shop. She told me to come back after 1pm for the package.

As I headed on my way Mack fell asleep in the car. So instead of going home first before Mack's class, I decided to go sit outside the synagogue (where we are taking this class) and knit, since I always have my knitting with me. (I never leave home without a knitting project, that's for sure).

I worked on my Clapotis, and got to my first drop stitch row. I forgot how much fun it is to drop stitches! I totally enjoy this row!

Today Mack started one of two (the other one is tomorrow) music classes that we're taking this session. We met some new people, and knew a few in the class as well.

Mack had fun playing in the ball pit with his new friends.

And some fun times on the swings!

After class I dropped Mack off at my parents house, and headed off to work.

After work I picked up Sean and headed to the post office to pick up my missed package. Sean likes to come with me to do errands, he thinks it's fun. I'll remind him of that when he's older and doesn't want to come on errands/shopping anymore.

After picking up Mack at my parents house, I took the boys to the park in front of our house.

Sean decided to show me that he could eat sand.

I am not really sure why he didn't find it disgusting. Boys?

Mack had a good time getting filthy in the sand.

He also practiced standing up on his own!

He's so proud of himself!

Some cute photos from tonight:

Oy! Life's hard!

I think I am going to write a letter or email to the city. My kids should not have to play in a park where the sand is covered with "natural trash" (I don't know what else to call this), but it really needs to be cleaned up so that they don't have to play in dirt. It's covered in branches and those little "helicopters".

I got this necklace for my birthday. However, it broke right after I got it. I seem to have fixed it, but if it doesn't hold up, I'm going to see if I can take it back. I havent even had it long. I got it the morning of my cousin's wedding on June 28th.

I got a lovely package of clothing for Mackenzie in the mail today from my friend Lauren and her husband. Thank you Lauren! I need to take some pictures of Mackie wearing the outfits. Too cute! I also got a missed slip again in the mail today - another package I have to go back to the post office for! I wonder what it could be?! The package I picked up today was stuff for the shop. Can't wait to see what the package I'll pick up tomorrow is...! A few things I'm expecting in the mail. Could be anything!


Kimber said...

I love the pictures - eating sand that is too funny!

Mack is so adorable standing up! Liv does that now too and she even took one step on her own. I think she'll be walking soon.

I also LOVE that necklace I hope it holds up for you.

Knit Girl said...

Looks like your Mack will be walking before you know it, he's almost there.

Cant wait to see your clapotis done, the colors look fabulous.

Amelah said...

love the pics of the boys in the park! eww Sean ate sand??? i guess welcome to having boys?!?

Mack needs to start walking now!!!!

Bea said...

Excellent pictures of the kiddos today. Love the up close shots.

Tara said...

I think you should just set up permanent residence at the post office :)

g-girl said...

seems as though reality has set in for sean now. i'm sure it's fine now though. but change is tough! i can't believe he ate the sand and wasn't grossed out by it! must be a boy thing!