Monday, July 06, 2009

july six

This morning I started to feel better upon waking up. I had some rough moments during the night that woke me up with pains in my stomach, and feeling like I was overheated. I'm feeling back to normal temperature wise right now, so hopefully I'm now in the clear. I started feeling a lot better today. I think it was going in from outside, where the pool temperature was warmer than the air temperature, into an air conditioned house with wet hair, and wearing capris and a tank top with no socks or sweater... gave me the chills. Also, not eating properly yesterday since I wasn't that hungry, probably didn't help, nor being in the sun for a few hours in the pool. Heat stroke maybe? Everything combined all together... probably that. Still today, though, a little bit, the thought of food even, makes me nauseated.

I am so pissed off at Canada Post. The guy pulled in my driveway in his truck. I saw him. I picked up Mack and headed towards the door. By the time I got to my front door, he'd put a slip in my mailbox for a missed parcel as if I wasn't home, and was already in his truck pulling away from my house. WTF!??? I was home. He didn't even ring my bell! And my car was next to his truck in the driveway! I am going to get the phone number to the distribution center (which is whom they work for) and file a complaint. This is completely not acceptable at all.

I am so happy that Jamie managed to get our month's worth of recycling out the door this morning. I kept forgetting to put it out on the curbside and it was piling up like you wouldn't believe. It's been about 4 weeks now that it hasn't gone out, and I recycle more than I throw out. Trying to be good and green! We can actually use our front foyer now, it's not completely crowded with recycling! (It's the only logical spot in the house for the recycling bins).

This morning I checked in with my nutritionist as usual, and I'm still under my goal weight! This makes me so happy. I've been feeling so great lately due to my weight loss, I love it. I have more energy for the kids, and over all feel a lot healthier.

This morning I went with my mom to Walmart to check out what they had as far as Yoga balls, as I wanted to see if I could just get the yoga ball for cheaper than the "set" I picked up the other day at Winners. Nope. Walmart had the same set, and more expensive. So it was a good deal I got at Winners. I don't think I am going to find just a ball. I get in the set a DVD, a resistence band of some sort, and the ball. All I really wanted was the ball. I don't need the other items.

I made Mackenzie some Mac'n'Cheese for lunch. He absolutely loves it. It makes such a mess though, that's the only unfortunate part. After Mack was done eating, my sister came over and not too long after that, our cousins from California came over. Originally we were going to go swimming at my parents house, but since it was not so nice looking we decided to all meet at my house, since I have a lot of kids toys, more than my mother's house. But then, the weather got really nice by the time they got to my house. So I gave them the tour of my house, and then they went over to my sister's house to see her place and meet her dog, and thenI biked over to my parents house to potentially go swimming. Yeah, that didn't happen. As soon as we got there, it started to get really dark outside, and the grey clouds started to appear. And then it started to rain. So much for wanting to go into the pool.

Sean played with cousin Dave on the Wii.

Mack and Lilly played with some toys.

Mack got hungry and decided he knew how to make his own bottle.

I cuddled with Mack and he had his bottle.

We had dinner and Sean was being silly and showing off to his cousins. He's got one sippy cup of milk and the other juice, and tried drinking them at the same time. Silly kid!

After dinner we played with some bubbles outside.

And then it was time to leave. Sean scraped himself in my parents driveway, and wanted some bandaids. He had a scrape on his knee and one on his elbow.

But for some reason, he wanted one on his nose. For what reason, I'm not really too sure.

Mack didn't make it home, he was extremely exhausted after a long day of playing and hanging out with his cousins and family.
I love shadows, so when I saw my reflection in my father's orange car, I had to take a shot.

So, Kovalev signed with Ottawa today. Ottawa! It's going to be horrible when Montreal plays Ottawa, people are going to boo him! He was offered a contract with Montreal too, but didn't accept it. It's upsetting, half our team won't be back in the fall. Though, maybe it's for the team's good. A fresh new start. We'll see what happens. I'm still waiting to hear about Koivu, and what he decides to do/what team he will play for, or if he'll retire this year. Gainey better be making some smart decisions.

Tonight Jamie and I watched Weeds, which is on Showtime. It's getting really bizare, but we love it. There is this show on after it, called Nurse Jackie. It's with Edie Falco (who played Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos). I like her. I defintiely want to check out that show. Looks good and we've heard good things about it.

I finished one of the designs of my own that I've been working on tonight, and I picked back up my Clapotis. I am in love with the colors of the Clapotis, I'm so happy it's variegated. I would not have been able to knit another solid Clapotis like I did the first time. Can't do it. Knitting progress pictures coming soon!


Big Girl Feet said...

Wow I had a lot of catching up to do! Your little guys are such sweethearts, love all the photos!! It was great to talk to you yesterday!!!

Knit Girl said...

I've had the same thing happen with my mailman too. Very sucky. Hope next time he delivers your mail to you properly.

The kids playing are so cute.

Amelah said...

I am so happy that we got to spend the day with our cousins from Cali! Too bad the rain followed us every where we went!! Grr! Maybe we can go swimming with them in Florida!!

Bea said...

I've had that same problem with mailmen not delivering something even though I'm home! No one at the post office cares either. They all just say well he rang the bell (obviously not) and I didn't answer.

Bea said...

Well actually the mailwoman is really awesome, its really just the guy that takes her place when she is on vacation or sick or something like that.

Tara said...

What does it say about the summer we've been hainv when you think you got sick from not wearing socks and a sweater in JULY!!!

g-girl said...

i can't believe your mailman did that! glad you were able to find an inexpensive yoga ball--even though it came with other bells and whistles! how long did your family from cali visit?