Sunday, July 19, 2009

july nineteen :: 133 weeks old

Sean is 133 weeks old today!

Sean gt up again really early this morning, and found his way into our bed. I sleep so uncomfortably when he's in our bed as it's a Queen size, and just enough room for Jamie & I. To add Sean too, it's quite squishy. Though, for the first time in many weekends we got Sean to nap this afternoon. We were super happy about that! He's been fighting his weekend naps. Let's just hope that next weekend we have nap time for him again! Keeping our fingers crossed!

For lunch today, I made quesadillas from scratch. Yum!

Chicken quesadillas that is!

We wrapped them in tin foil, and Jamie melted the cheese on the BBQ, it was so yummy!

This afternoon while both boys napped I worked on Pal Matches for Fave Things Round 4 on Ravelry, and did some laundry. (The laundry the seems to never end). Pal matches are now all officially out, as promised by today. It's going to be another great swap.

Tonight we all went to my parents house for dinner.

Mack wearing his Little Brother onesie that I got for him when we went to Rhinebeck 08. It's taken him this long to fit into it! (It's almost time for Rhinebeck 09!) My little pisher is 13 months old, and is wearing a onesie 6-12 months size. That's how long it's taken him to fit into it.

Tonight at dinner Sean got a kick out of watching videos on my brother's iphone. He was laughing so hard it was cracking the rest of us up. I love Sean's little boy laugh. Makes me smile.

Tonight my grandparents (dad's parents) were over for dinner at my parents house. My grandmother gave me another 3 (Yes, THREE) Fun Fur scarves that she's knit for me. One in white, one in blue and one in pink. What on earth am I supposed to do with them? I already have a selection of about 15 of them. I first off, cannot stand novelty yarn. It's super sweet of her to have made them for me... but what am I supposed to do with them? Maybe I can donate them to Sean's school for the kids, for the winter if one of the kids forgets their scarf on a day they are playing outside?? I don't know. If not, maybe for charity through the knitting guild. They always collect during the year. I unfortunately will never wear them (though I'd never tell my grandmother that). Have you ever gotten something you absolutely wouldn't wear that was handmade by someone in your family or even by a friend? What did you do?


Anonymous said...

I love Mack's onesie, and those quesedillas look yummy!

Sean's school lets them bring scarves? Scarves are banned at our daycare, even for the teachers (strangulation risk).

Amelah said...

Oy, Sean's laugh was priceless!!!

Cute picture of Sean & Jamie!!

Yummm, lunch looks yummy!

So glad I have a king size- but its still squishy for Mark, Harley and i!!!

Bea said...

No I've never gotten something handmade from anyone in my family. Too bad you don't have girls. They might make good dress-up supplies.

Nell said...

Donate the scarves to charity. That way at least they get some use.

Tara said...

Definitely donate them to daycare. They'll be perfect for dress-up games.

g-girl said...

ooh, quesadillas! tara took the words right out of my mouth--donate them to the daycare so they can use them for dress up. You could probably donate other stuff too.