Saturday, July 18, 2009

july eighteen

Sean was up at 5:30 am this morning and refused to go back to sleep in his own bed. He insisted that he had to come into my bed. He's been finding his way into our bed a lot lately. Not sure what that is all about.

When Mack finally got up this morning, he had his bottle of milk in our bed, and upon finishing his bottle, he spat a bit of it up, all over Jamie's pillow and himself. The poor kid isn't doing so well yet on the milk. I do not remember Sean getting on milk being so hard. Hopefully it just needs some adjusting and he'll be okay.

This afternoon I had some of the West Island Knits girls over at my house for the Stash party. The Traveling Stash bag ended up in Montreal, and we got to dig through it (and add to it). The bag will be leaving at some point at the end of this upcoming week as I've found an Ottawa knitter on Ravelry who is going to Moncton, NB and is taking it there for me.

We dug through it, picked what we wanted, donated stuff to it from our own stash, and then put it all away and had cake and cookies and tea. We chatted, some of us knitted, and it was fun.

Even Sean wanted to learn how to knit.

With a really girly color of fun fur. Ew!!

Mack napped during almost all of the stash party, but got up just before everyone left. After everyone left today, Sean refused to nap again. We're having a huge problem with him not napping on the weekends at home. He really needs his naps, but we're having no luck. And he isn't even tired at his normal bedtime after not napping during the day. Just cranky.

Just like lunch, we had leftovers again for dinner tonight. Nothing wrong with that. I could have whole wheat pasta at every meal if I could. We're almost done my mother-in-law's tofu sauce, so soon it won't be leftovers again for another meal..

This evening, with some red wine in hand, I sat down and worked on the pals for the Single Sock Swap Round 2 I'm hosting on Ravelry. We're a tiny little group, 13 of us, but still, it's going to be fun! Tomorrow I will be doing the pals for my Fave Things Swap on Raverly. We just closed sign ups for Round 4. There will be another round in the fall, if you're interested in playing. Jamie is at hockey tonight, so once I'm off the computer, I'll be getting some knitting done.

Some recent stash enhancement:

5 skeins of Jojoland Melody Superwash for the Swirl Shawl in color M18.

And while I was ordering this yarn... some others ended up in my shopping cart:

Sereknity Sock Options Perfect Sock in Crush

Sereknity Sock Options Perfect Sock in Belladonna

Sereknity Sock Options Perfect Sock in After Dinner Mint

Sereknity Sock Options Perfect Sock in Green Monster

Trekking Hand Art in Karibik

Trekking Hand Art in Brazil


It's only because there was a 20% off coupon if you spent more than a certain amount... and they offer free shipping worldwide, which is fantastic! This was all purchased from Yarn & Fiber. Not my first time purchasing from them, and definitely not my last!

Happy Birthday Sherrie!


illahee said...

beautiful yarn!!

Sarah B. said...

Gorgeous new yarns! The stash party looks like a great time.

Bea said...

Could he have milk tolerance issues? Lactose intolerant or milk allergy? I don't know what his formula was made with. I couldn't have milk stuff at all as a kid except goat's milk. I was allergic to soy and to cow's milk. I guess I grew out of it though because I don't have milk issues now.

Your stash enhancement is great. I'm currently debating what yarn I will be using to enhance your work in progress list for the single sock swap. I ordered yarn and I ordered a skein for you and one for me (so to get free shipping, also because I really liked both.) Now that they are here (as of Saturday, but I didn't get the mail until this morning) I'm stuck. I had already picked and bought a pattern for your socks because I really liked it. So I ordered yarn I thought would be good for the pattern. Looking at them in person I sort of think the yarn I intended for me would look SO much better in the pattern. Now I'm just trying to decide if you'd like it or not. I can at least say that it is not construction orange or mustard (or any shade) of yellow. What to do??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to that scarf/shawl pattern, it's beautiful! I have the same blue Trekking, and another one in a dark forest green. OMG the after dinner mint yarn is gorgeous!

Maggie said...

try Mack on soy milk. Wyatt doesn't do well with cow milk either but he does well with soy

Amelah said...

Love the loot, specially Trekking Hand Art in Kribik!!!! Love it!!!

De-Stash party was fun!! Thanks for having us over!! Sean was a riot trying to knit!!!

Nell said...

Gorgeous color! Especially the green monster. But I'm a sucker for green!

Tara said...

I was just going to ask "Where'd you order all this yarn from, girl?". Great minds...

g-girl said...

look @ all that yarn! can't wait to hear about the trekking hand art. i've only seen it--haven't worked with it yet.