Thursday, July 30, 2009

july thirty

This morning we hung out at home while my cleaning lady was here. I did take Sean to daycare, though a little later than usual, since he spent some time hanging out with Mack & Rosie this morning. It's so nice to see them all playing together. I'm glad that Mack has a cousin close to his age. Mack & Sean's only other cousin is 6 years old, almost 7. They also have 2 step-cousins but they are 10 and 13. Not so much close in age.

After my cleaning lady left, I took Rosie and Bonnie (my husband's cousin) to Walmart to pick up some items. She needed diapers and stuff for Rosie. She had only brought a few diapers as she could only carry so much with her to Montreal.

After Walmart I had my mom pick up Sean early from daycare (since we really didn't fit the 5 of us in my car - if I am ever to have another child, I need a bigger car), and we headed to my parents house to swim. It was a gorgeous day outside, and we had to take advantage of the weather.

The kids enjoyed soakin' up some rays, and enjoying the pool on such a warm day.

Sean even had the courage to jump off the diving board a few times. Two and a half years old and has NO FEAR of the deep end. I hope that Mackenzie will be just like his older brother and have no fear. Sean also swims to the deep end by himself, without anyone holding his hand. Very proud of him.

After swimming we went out for supper. Jamie had ball tonight, and I didn't feel like cooking.

Sean is so cute when he's silly. How appropriate, he's wearing his Mr. Silly shirt.

Tonight we finished watching Yes, Man (silly cute movie with Jim Carey) and worked on Ishbel. I'm determined to have it done soon! Need to start finishing works in progress before starting anything new.

I like how it's coming out.

Some recent stash enhancement that I got in the mail today from Webs includes 2 more skeins of Trekking Hand Art (another skein of Karibik (top left) (by accident ordered this thinking it was something else) so now I have 2 skeins in my stash from 2 different stores, but that's okay, I'll find something to use it for now that I have quite the yarddage) and a skein of Trekking Hand Art in Atlantik (top right). And I now have 2 skeins of Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball, which I think is totally awesom, in Summer (bottom left) and Cranberries (bottom right). Can't wait to find a project to knit this yarn up in. It's so soft in this cute little ball. Great yarddage too (460 yards) for a fingering weight yarn.


Bea said...

Love how ishbel is coming out and your new stash enhancements are lovely.

g-girl said...

that is nice that mack has a cousin close to his age. :) looks like everyone had a ball in the pool!

Tara said...

MORE stash enhancement, eh? You are a FORCE, woman! lol