Thursday, July 09, 2009

july nine

Since my cleaning lady was here this morning I put Mack down for a nap when I went to take Sean to daycare. Mack was acting really cranky this morning and fell asleep with no issues almost immediately after putting him in his crib. He didn't even get up early this morning, so I'm not sure why he was so cranky. When I got to the daycare, Sean's class was on their way outside to the pools (baby pools) so I had to change him myself into his bathing suit. He didn't want to take off his sandals, so that was interesting. Not really too sure why he didn't want to take them off, but anyhow. I finally got to take them off him, in promising as soon as his swimmer and his swim shorts were on (they use disposable swimmers at daycare, at home I have re-useable swim shorts like cloth diapering), he could put back on his sandals. Thinking that once he's outside, him not taking off his sandals to go into the pool are his teacher's problem, lol. Though, from peaking from outside, it seems that he took off his sandals for them no problem.

I went to the nutritionist on my way home because I didn't feel like going tomorrow. And since Mack was napping, and Sean was at daycare I actually had my hands free. I'm still down on the scale, lower than Monday/Wednesday! So happy about this! I finally reached 154.2 on their scale, and 151.2 on my scale. I like this! I'm supposed to be somewhere between 135 and 145 lbs for my height, and I want to reach 145 on my scale. I think I can. Not too far off! Just another 6 lbs! I'm in no rush though, whenever it happens, it'll happen.

When I got home and got the mail, I got my American Express credit card statement in the mail. I pretty much only use it at Costco (has my membership picture on the back) and couldn't figure out how I had a pretty large credit on my account, instead of owing money. Well, apparently, I paid my Amex bill TWICE in June, within 12 days of each other. How could I have missed that I already paid it?? And we're not talking about a 20$ Credit here... It was quite a bill. (Jamie gets stuff for the business at Costco too... so, our bills sometime are not exactly cheap).

So I worked at home until Mack got up from his nap. After he got up, after he had a bottle, I let him play a bit in my bedroom until I was done some work that I was working on. Mack found some amusement with the laundry baskets.

It's the little things in life that count, right?? I love this shot of his toes. He pulled everything out of the laundry basket, so he could climb right into it!

After finishing my work, I headed to costco. Well, hey, if I had a nice size credit, I was going to go stock up on things we needed. Diapers, wipes, cans of diet coke, apple juice for the kids. I picked up 4 eco-friendly books for Mack. They're really cute too, and the whole thing is made out of recycled materials. Really neat! I got kleenex and on the go snacks for the kids. Dishwasher detergent, garbage bags (which we were running low on anyhow)... and whatever else I saw that is usually an item we use. I also picked up a case of the most delicious nectarines ever. I think by far, it's one of my fave fruits. I ate 2 of them on the way home from Costco. So delicious!

Not really too sure how I fit this all into my car. I forgot to empty my trunk before leaving, so there was stuff in there that didn't need to be in my trunk. Whoops. I played tetris with the stuff, and I think the bulkiest of the items were the diapers in 2 different sizes - and the boxes are 2 different sizes on top of it. And I still had to pick up Sean from daycare, fitting him into the car as well. MENTAL NOTE: Clean out trunk before doing a Costco run. Good idea!

Tonight we had knit night at Second Cup. Since Second Cup doesn't have dinner foods, I brought along my own salad - which was really good. I had picked it up at Costco today (a greque salad) and dressed it myself with my own dressing. It was really good. It's been a while since I've had feta cheese. Yum!

Tonight we were a nice sized group at Knit Night. We had a new comer named Jocelyn. She's super nice. Someone else stopped by to check us out, but that was a little weird. I'd sent her a message on facebook about the group - but she wanted to come see if we were legit. What does that mean? Like I'd fake a group on Ravelry to get her to come to?? Maybe she was a loser in high school where people were mean to her and invited her to be somewhere and then she stood there alone? I don't know. Weird. It was creepy that she did this. I worked on my Clapotis, which is moving along quite nicely.

I got home early enough so that there was enough time to watch Big Brother, which our PVR recorded. It started tonight. I'm not too sure who I want to win yet, but there are a few people I think are awesome. I think Lydia is wicked - I like punk sometimes - but I can see now that she may be a tad annoying.... we'll see how this summer plays out. Are you watching Big Brother??


Amy said...

Aw! His lil footsies - how cute!

Hattie said...

I'm totally watching Big Brother, I usually watch it online though. I like Jeff, and Lydia too, but I think she can be pretty annoying when she wants to.

Knit Girl said...

Oi, his little toes are so cute.

Amelah said...

good thing about accidently paying costco twice is now your next shoppng trip is free! ahah

telling you, tetris comes in handy in life!! it is like a skill everyone should have!

Nell said...

Costco tetris is hilarious. We have to do that all the time!

Tara said...

Those little toeseys are, indeed, adorable. Maxime does the same thing with my laundry basket at home. Then Émilie runs over and traps him in! lol

g-girl said...

oh my gosh! I love that second shot of mack in the white laundry basket! cracks me up. :)