Wednesday, July 08, 2009

july eight :: 55 weeks old

Mack is 55 weeks old today.

I wasn't sure if we actually had a class this morning. You see, I am friends with the girl who was supposed to do the entertaining for the Wednesday morning class. I had a conversation with her on facebook last night and at the end, I was like "See you tomorrow" and she's like "No, you actually won't"... and then went on to explain that she had an issue with the administration at the synagogue and won't be doing the class. She was like "You'll get a call that the class is canceled".... Nope, no call last night or this morning. So... we got dressed (Mackie in his new "Little Rocker" outfit from my friends Lauren & Seth (thank you again, it's too cute!) and headed on our way.

And we had music class this morning again. Phew! Glad the class was still happening. This singer, I actually took a class with her and her daughter at the local Y when Sean was a little guy. Her daughter is just a few months younger than Sean. What is really cool is that before kids, she was in the USA production of RENT! My fave broadway. She wasn't in the NY one, that was broadway, but she was in the traveling one, that traveled the USA. Pretty cool!

After music class this morning, I dropped off the papers for Mack for daycare. I went over them with the woman who works there and all the paperwork seems to be in place. I just need to show up on Sept 1st, 2009 with Mack, a change of clothing, a few other items from their checklist and a check. My friend had a tour of the daycare this morning, and her mother who works in the nursery school system apparently was not impressed with the daycare, so my friend won't be sending her son there. Like I told her, I'm only sending Mack there until he has a spot at Sean's daycare, so it's not long term for him there, maybe 4 months (He'll be 18 months old in December on the 17th), or maybe to a maximum of like.... 6 months? I'm hoping that once Mack turns 18 months old someone moves or someone gets kicked out or something..! That's what I need for a spot in the middle of the year. (September start at this daycare too - but Mack misses a spot for September because he's not 18 months old yet - things to think about in Quebec when planning on having a child! Really! Make sure your child will be 18 months old by September, or you'll have to wait - unless you can find a daycare with a baby room/nursery).

After stopping off at the daycare, I made a stop at the nutritionist's office. I'm still the same weight as Monday, which is below my goal! Feelin' good...! So impressed that I'm able to keep this up! (And lovin' my new body too!) (Though, I do have to tell you that because I had a C-section, I will never be able to get my stomach perfect again... which is too bad. There is always going to be some flab around the scar... apparently... I wonder if she's just telling me this or if it's the truth? Anyone with a C-section scar have a flat stomach?)

This afternoon I worked from home, and organized with my husband's cousin to come up with her 8 month old daughter for about 5 days at some point soon. Probably within the next 2 weeks or so. She had a voucher for a train pass to Toronto from delays on her last trip, and if she switches it to Montreal it'll pretty much cover her entire ticket to Montreal, and her daughter would be free to travel. I told her not to bring anything in with her - we have a pack'n'play her daughter could sleep in, extra stroller for her to use, and as well, I have a bucket for the car, as Mack is now in a big boy car seat. So she could even use that. I told her to travel light, just to bring in the necessity - her daughter's clothing, diapers, bottles and formula. I have spoons and bowls, and all that stuff! It should be cool for her to come visit.

I picked up my missed package before getting Sean from daycare. It was from Cynthia for our birthday swap, which we do every year.Her birthday is in July and mine is June, so since we're 4 weeks apart in the date, we meet half way, and mail July 1st (well June 30th or July 2nd, since July 1st is Canada Day!) I'm pretty impressed with the travel time between B.C. and Quebec. Usually it takes at least as week. She only mailed it on Thursday, and it arrived yesterday, but I wasn't home. Talk about being efficient sometimes...when you don't really need them to be efficient. And when you need them to be efficient, they're not!

I got this lovely box - isn't it adorable? It was filled with lots of goodies!

Magazines, a picture frame she made, a crochet cupcake that you can store stuff in, a pouch, a recipe box filled with stuff too (another picture frame, some cool kleenex packets, a stamp, etc), some gum, some post it notes, some earrings, a book...! What a great package! Thank you so much Cynthia! I love everything. And then there was some yarn....

Oh, and let's NOT forget the awesome pair of pj pants! With Cherries on them!!! Thank you Cynthia - I love everything! You rock!

When I picked up Sean - he was playing soccer with the older kids... as usual! I can always count on finding him with the older kids - Sean is obsessed with sports and none of the younger kids his age in his class, are into that... from what I see on the playground. Too funny. Sean had a nother good day today in school. Phew! I am so glad he's being a good boy and adjusting well in his new class. This makes me happy.

We went to go order whole wheat pizza for supper tonight, as there is a local place that makes it here, as I have been wanting pizza for a few days now. We called, and we ordered. A bit later, they call us back to let us know that they don't have whole wheat, but will change our order to white flour, the order will be here soon. I told them to cancel the entire order, because I cannot eat white flour, and the girl started to argue with me that they already started making our pizzas, etc. I was like, well I can't eat white flour, so don't send them, I'm not paying for them and hung up. So mad....! I wonder if they were just out of whole wheat tonight, or will never have whole wheat again. I will call tomorrow to find out I don't really want to speak to that lady again. I really wanted pizza!! Darn it!

So we ate dinner really late... because we had to figure out what to do...! I didn't feel like cooking tonight. So we got a late start to our night. Mack went to bed no issues, but Sean, refused to go to bed. Jamie had ball late this evenign (9pm game) so I was on my own. Sean tries to push my limits a lot lately... testing me to see what he can get away with. I'm really trying to stick to my ground, but it's really hard sometimes... he pouts for mommy and it melts my heart.

Finally, now, it's just after 11 pm and I've heard silence for about 25 minutes... though, he's been in his bed now for about 45 minutes to an hour. Just after 10 pm I finally got the screaming to stop and him in his bed quietly. My worry was that he would wake up Mack. I am not sure what I would have done with 2 screaming kids...! Rip my hair out?


Big Girl Feet said...

Hooray!! And phew that the pants fit!! Yay!!! I'm so glad you liked everything!!
I love our swap!!

Knit Girl said...

Love the little rocker outfit! Adorable!

Great package you got from your friend. Can she send me one too? LOL

Amelah said...

really? that is so cool! I heart Rent too!!!

I am so proud of you for reaching your goal & some!!!

OMG I LOVE that shoe box!!!

AND that yarn is so delicious!! Me like!!!

PJ's suit you well, plus u said you needed some eh??!

Bea said...

Excellet package. SO glad music class was saved!

Nell said...

Great package! I especially like the pj pants!

Tara said...

Yeah, you can pretty much kiss the flat stomach goodbye after a C-section. It wasn't too bad after my first one, but after the second there was some puckering along the scar, and now no matter how many sit-ups I do, there's still an overlap thing. It's driving me crazy!

g-girl said...

oh my gosh, i love mack's socks! :)the outfit is super cute! glad to hear the music class wasn't cancelled after all. you just show up with mack on sept 1st? that's great. i didn't know you had had c-sections. my mom had one with my brother and though she's lost a lot of weight, her tummy isn't flat..sorry. :P that's exciting that your husband's cousin is coming to visit with the baby! great package from cynthia. i love the crochet cupcake, the jammies and the picture frame she made you.