Sunday, July 05, 2009

july five :: 131 weeks old

Sean is 131 weeks old today.

Today I got to sleep in as I was able to get Mack back to nap after his morning bottle. He was rubbing his eyes, and yawning, so I figured why not, I would try to get him back to sleep. Sean has free reign of the house, so by getting Mack back to sleep, I was able to lie back down and close my eyes for a bit. Always appreciated.

We made a huge salad for lunch, as I wasn't that hungry. After lunch I ran out to go pick up some groceries so that I'd have some for tomorrow and I really wanted zucchini grilled on the BBQ tonight for supper. I came home, loaded the boys into the buggy on my bike and headed over to my parents house.

We went swimming for a bit this afternoon though, I started to not feel so great. My stomach was bothering me. I couldn't eat dinner after we got out of the pool. I was getting chills. Somehow, I managed to bike home, though I don't know how, because I was feeling very weak. Jamie kept asking me if I was okay to bike home (as he met us after we swam at my parents house (Jamie's not big on the pool - I cannot tell you the last time he went swimming. It was at the beginning of our relationship, that's for sure).

Jamie had hockey tonight, so he wasn't home. I had Sean in bed with me when we got in after putting Mack to sleep. I felt so weak, once Sean fell asleep in my bed, I couldn't carry him to his room to bed. I had to wait until Jamie got home to put him into bed. He's getting quite big for a little boy, at over 30 lbs. Not sure how much he weighs exactly, but that's no baby! Mack's 20 lbs is starting to get heavy to carry around (Will he just learn to walk already? LOL)

I hung out in bed this evening watching Law & Order on the dish, and did a huge update on facebook of recent photos. (I was a tad behind). I was getting nagged by relatives to upload recent pics of the boys. I hadn't done an update since Victoria Day weekend, so I was a tad behind on that. Almost all caught up but for some reason my laptop is acting really slow. Probably too many applications opened at the same time.

Hope I'm feeling better tomorrow, I have plans with my cousins from California. Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow either, we have plans to go swimming at my parents house. We'll see if we can go swimming! The weather this summer has been the complete pits.


Knit Girl said...

Show us your tattoo!! What is that?

Amelah said...

OMG - Sean looks like a 5 yr old kid in that picture, with his hair flat from the water!!!! NO! He is not allowed to get older!!!

Bea said...

I hadn't noticed the tattoo until I read the first comment. Is it a cherry?

Tara said...

I remember when you did that update on FB. It was like my entire home page was full of Robyn pictures! lol

g-girl said...

hope you weren't feeling sick for very long!