Friday, July 24, 2009

july twenty-four

This morning I hit 150 lbs on my scale and 153 lbs on the scale at my nutritionist's office when I went to go weigh in today. Today I officially start maintenance, the last phase in my weight loss program. It means that I will maintain my weight (or even lose a few more if my metabolism is working in full gear). It means I can cheat on the weekend and know how to lose any gained weight from said cheating during the week before cheating again on the weekend.

This morning a sleepy Mackenzie and I did some errands. I somehow managed to transfer him safely to the stroller without waking up. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn't. Today, thank fully it did! I had to fight with some pretty aggressive people in the parking lot at the mall for a parking spot. Gosh, some people are just animals.

I took Mackie out for lunch, nothing fancy, I was craving a subway sandwich. I can get him soup there, which he likes. Once he's a little older I'll be able to get him sandwiches, but not yet. I checked out the magazine shop next door to the restaurant and picked up two UK knitting magazines that I like to read. The usual place I get them from didn't have them in stock.

Jenn came over while Mack took an afternoon nap to look through the traveling stash bag. She made away with some stuff from there. Hope she gets some good use out of that stuff!

I picked up Sean after she left, and my in-laws came for supper tonight. We went out for dinner to one of my fave local Italian places that has whole wheat pasta on the menu. After dinner I checked out the book market, a second hand book shop next door to the restaurant, to see if they had any chick lit. I ended up getting 4 books, as they had a promotion of buy 3 get one free. Upon getting back to the car, Sean decided that he refused to get into the car unless I changed his diaper. He had gone to the bathroom and didn't want to sit in it. So, I changed him on top of the trunk of the car. Have you ever had to do this? I didn't know where else to change him. I didn't even care if people saw me doing this. What other choice did I have? I'd rather on top of the trunk lid than on the floor (even though I had my changing pad on me...!)

I got my4.5 skeins of black Burly Spun in the mail from a Ravelry Destash. I picked this bulky weight up for the Cozy Bolero. I can't wait to finish some projects to start that one.

I also decided that I want to make the Featherweight Cardigan. Though, I cannot decide which color to make it in. Sapphire Green Malabrigo Lace (above) or Jewel Blue (below). The pattern requ

Loving my new body, I cannot believe that I fit into a JUNIOR MEDIUM top!
Isn't this top adorable??

Off to go work on Ishbel.


kate-the-enabler said...

Congratulations on reaching the maintenance phase - you've worked really hard and you look fabulous!
I'd rather change a baby's diaper ANYWHERE BUT on a public diaper change table....I'm such a weenie. Trunk lid? Yup. Floor of van? Yup. Grassy areas near road trip food stops? Yup. Discreet grassy area at a flea market? Yup. ;)

kristo said...

That top is so cute! I love it. Congratulations on your incredible weight loss. I need to lose about 25lbs after having my second baby. I'm totally using your success as a motivator! Feel free to pass on your secret...hint, hint! ;)

Hattie said...

OMG you look adorable in that top. Plus, I want to steal it, where's it from?

Green malabrigo, no contest.

Karen said...

you look fantastic :-)

hope to see you in a few months at Rhinebeck!

Amelah said...

Very cute top!! Love ur new body too!

Jewel blue of course!!!
Nice I found the Featherweight cardigan pattern too the other day!!!

Where did you pick up the Bulky? I need yarn too for the Cozy Bolero. I thought we were going to do a knit along together..?

Bea said...

Very cute top. I vote for the blue Malabrigo for your featherweight.

Nell said...

Cute top! I vote you go with the Sapphire blue. But that's just me.

g-girl said...

can i tell you i've watched my brother change my niece while she laid IN the trunk?? so at this point, nothing surprises me. standing up is another way when there isn't a changing table around. ooh, burly spun! that stuff is going to be good for the cozy bolero! I've been trying to figure out what I should use as well. now, you know i'm going to be partial to the green for your featherweight. LOVE that top!

Tara said...

That IS a cute top! :) Did you cast on for the featherweight cardigan yet? Which colour did you choose?