Friday, July 17, 2009

july seventeen :: 13 months old

Mr. Mack is 13 months old today!

This morning, before dropping Sean off at daycare, I smelled a stinky diaper. I went over to him and this was our conversation:

Robyn: "Sean you smell like you have a stinky diaper."
Sean: "No Mommy, I smell like bubblegum."

Kids say the darnedest (and funniest) things. I can't wait to see what other funny things come out of my little joker's mouth.

This morning, I went to check in at the nutritionist again. Next week is my last 3 days per week check-in! I have one more week of stabilization and I will be on maintenance. I cannot wait. I'm honestly sick of weighing in 3 times per week and I'm sick of filling out my food journal (in maintenance, you no longer have to do so). I know what I should be eating daily (food groups) and I just want to put that book away and not see it for a long time.

I ran a drop off in the city for an elderly lady who wanted some bamboo knitting needles to help her knit easier (from her arthritis) and then headed back to my area. I checked out something at the bead store near me (needed a few more stitch marker making items) and then picked up some lunch and went home to eat lunch and kill some time before my mother was ready to go out again. We decided that we would go check out another Zellers as she was looking for something and I wanted to see if another location would have any more twin size sheet sets.

Just my luck! The Zellers we went to check out today had 3 more sets! Exactly what I wanted. I now have 2 sets for each kid. And I got them all for the price of one sheet set from Walmart (at 29.83$) a set. (7.50$ x 4 = 30$). Fantastic!

Then.... I scored 2 more deals. In Quebec (not sure about the rest of Canada) but we have a price protection law. Basically, if an item scans in wrong at the cash, if it's under 10$ it's free, and if it's over 10$ you get 10$ off the item, off the sale price/correct price. But you have to notice it, and you have to call the cashier on it. Has to be done at the time of the sale.

Anyhow, I get to the cash, and I was buying 2 new bath mats, as they were on sale, 50% off. When we got to the cash, they scanned in at regular price (14$). So one I got for free, since 50% off was under 10$ and the other one I still got at 50% off. Then, a Disney lego set, was on sale, as well, 50% off. I wanted to pick it up, at that price, to put away for Sean's 3rd birthday, since he loves Mickey Mouse Playhouse, and it was a Mickey Mouse playhouse lego set. Regular price is what it scanned at the cash for (34.97), so I got it for 50% off, minus 10$. It was just over 7$ by the time I was done at the cash. For now, it's put away for Sean's birthday, as there is no reason for him to have it beforehand, and the lego pieces are smaller than the mega blocks he currently plays with, and those are perfect size for him (and for Mack) right now. His birthday will be here before I know it anyhow..! (Though, it's still far off - end of December).

Sean & I hung outside on the front porch (while Mack napped) until my in-laws came for supper tonight. Sean was actually insisting I take photos of him (which is rare, because usually he runs away/hides/ from or doesn't look at the camera).

He took some time to smell the flowers too.

We also took a peak in the garden:

Tomatoes are turning red!

And there are some cool looking spikey flowers in the yard that are awesome to photograph.

My in-laws came for supper tonight, but Jamie had ball so it was just the kids, them and I. My father-in-law picked up this can topper for me, which will be great, since I tend to put a lot of soda in the fridge, and when I go to drink it, it tastes flat. Hopefully, this will be a good solution to keeping my coke fresh. We had tofu spaghetti, which was excellent as always. I love tofu sauce, especially the way my step-mother-in-law makes it. Honestly, I complimented her tonight on her meat sauce, and only then did she correct me and tell me it was tofu tonight and not meat. The way she makes it - VERY hard to tell the difference.

Sean refused to go to bed after they left, and after an hour after Mack went to bed, he woke up sick. He had diarrhea (which started this morning) and he threw up in his crib. I am not sure if it's from the milk he's drinking now (3.25% homogenized milk) or if it's from the tofu sauce he had for dinner - he's never had tofu before. Though, I'm thinking it's from the change from formula to milk, and I am hoping it doesn't last very long. So by the time Jamie got home from his ball game tonight, both kids were up, and I was in the middle of changing Mack's sheets on his crib and the pj's he was wearing. Poor kid. Hope he feels better soon.

I leave you with an update on my Ishbel:

Since it kept curling while trying to photograph it on my stairs outside my house (I like to photograph on my funky looking stones), I decided to pin it into the ground to photograph it better. Here is my Ishbel after the entire stockinette section is done for the large size.

I plan on fishing through a lifeline this weekend and then starting the lace!


Hattie said...

Not sure if this link will work, but check these soda can toppers:

I need to order some as I drink a lot too.

Bea said...

Excellent scores at Zellers. Some stores here do that kind of thing, but they aren't required to.

Ishbel is looking good. I can't decide if that is purple or blue.

Karen said...

Sean and Mack always look so happy :-)

Did you create the spreadsheet for Ishbel or did it come with the pattern?

jeloca said...

Ishbel looks great. I still can't believe you're knitting purple.

I find it hysterical what the kids come up with. I took out Jakob's potty tonight for the first time, and held it up (still in its box) and said "Guess what this is!" and he looked at me all "matter-of-fact" and said "a box!".

duh! LOL

p.s. No one scores like you at sales!

Anonymous said...

I have been dying to try those can toppers. Let us know if they work!!!

I have been doing my best to eat healthy.... I have an autoimmune disorder called Lupus and I need to change my diet. Any chance you can share the tofu sauce recipe?

jenn at

Amelah said...

LOL Bubble gum...that's too funny!!

Wow you and mom get pretty lucky with deals!!

Oy what a cutie!!!

Ishbel is looking good!!!

Nell said...

The garden is looking great!!!

Tara said...

Your Ishbel is making me feel the guilts. I ripped out the previous incarnation, and am now letting the fingering weight version sort of slumber.

g-girl said...

a can topper that's great. when i first saw the pic, i wasn't sure what i was seeing. lol. wow, you got some great deals today!that spikey flower is pretty cool! ishbel looks pretty. :)