Monday, July 13, 2009

july thirteen

After dropping off Sean at daycare today, I headed to the nutritionist office. I've been now the same weight (which is good!) since last Thursday. I'm down 36.2 lbs (from my 35 lbs goal). I'd like to lose still the few more so that I can have that extra room to have a little cheat here or there if I wanted, once in a while and not feel guilty about it.

I ran some errands this morning, picking up some items I needed. I went to the post office to mail some RAKs for Ravelry (for the Random Acts of Kindness group), I had made stitch markers over the weekend for about 8 people on Ravelry who had handmade stitch markers on their wishlist.

And since I'm an obsessive list maker, I picked up some new notebooks. I love notebooks. They're a guilty pleasure. I journal, jot notes, make lists, write down directions, phone numbers in them. There are times were I have a bunch of notebooks in my purse at one time. I love them. And fresh clean ones are always exciting.

I also picked up a vegetable thing for the barbecue. I'd seen the hostess of the BBQ yesterday using one, and thought it was a great idea for grilling vegetables, and them not falling through the grill of the bbq! I want to look at one more place before settling on keeping this one (I was told there is a place that has one for half the price that I paid for this one above - and since I'm the queen of deals, I'd like to check it out before using this one, since I have 30 days with the one above to return it if we don't use it).

Mack went down for a nap just after 11 am this morning, and napped until just after 3pm. We were possibly going to go to playgroup today, but that didn't happen due to Mack's nap. It's too bad because it was at Jenn's house today. I honestly don't think we'll be going back to playgroup anymore, as it's right smack in the middle of Mack's nap time. Too bad. Now that Mack's doing the toddler nap, it's just not going to work. I think our playgroup days are over. We'll just have to make playdates with friends. So I stayed in and did work while Mack napped. I got a lot of stuff done.

Today I wore an old Barenaked Ladies tshirt that I haven't worn in years. It was not fitting for the longest time, when I had all the baby weight still on me, but now it's too big! Size Medium and too big! I love it! Though it's a cozy "baseball" style tshirt and I love it. I wonder what else is in the back of my closet that will fit again/be too big! I love it. I'm sure that I got that Barenaked Ladies tshirt at a concert that I went to... which was pre-Jamie... so over 7 years ago.


Amelah said...

U & your notebooks!! Go digital woman!!!

Bea said...

Notebooks are fun. Naps for toddlers are really good even if they mess up play group. Congrats that your shirts are too big now!

Nell said...

Love that veggie grill basket. We might need to get one for the new cooker.

g-girl said...

i like notebooks too..and i also write directions in them. though you'll only find one notebook in my purse. ;) that's awesome about your old shirt now being too big for you!!

Tara said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I miss nap time!