Monday, July 20, 2009

july twenty

This morning I checked in with my nutritionist. This is my last week of my three times per week check-ins. As of Friday I'm in the last phase of my program and I will only have to go once per week to check in for weigh in. I was up a pound but still under my goal weight, which is completely fine in stabilization. I'm sure I will go up and down around my goal weight. I can't always be the same exact weight to the ounce. I'm sure by the time I go on Friday, I'll be back down again. I know my body.

So, I receipt that I needed today to do a return to Walmart got washed in my pants last night. I have no idea what the rush to wash those pants I wore on Friday was, but in anycase, the receipt is gone. I did a bit of detective work and realized that since I'd done a return with that bill on Friday (for 1 of the 3 sets of sheets I had bought at Walmart and today I wanted to return the other 2 sets after finding more on liquidation at Zellers) that the girl at the cash marked down my transaction number on the return slip since I kept my original bill, (that is now gone as it went through the washing machine), that I would be able to get the transaction number, etc, and possibly be able to get my invoice reprinted. Took some time to get everything organized, but I was able to get my return done and now I have a copy of that receipt. I think I need to make a sign to put on my washing machine "CHECK ALL POCKETS BEFORE WASHING"!! I'll never do that again!

I got the chance to speak to Cynthia today on the phone. I had called her to wish her a happy birthday. It was the first time we've spoken on the phone. Hopefully one day we'll get to meet! Happy Birthday Cynthia! Hope you had a good one!

I worked all afternoon while Mack napped and I did some laundry at the same time. I really honestly don't understand why the laundry is never ending, but the 6 baskets above are not the only laundry I have... there is still a LOT more that needs to get done. It just really never ends.

Again today when I picked up Sean from daycare he was playing soccer with the older kids. It's really too bad that summer soccer this year was only for 2005 babies and older. Sean is a 2006 baby, so he'll have to wait for next summer to play when it's 2006 babies and older. He would have loved it. He's really into sports, very well coordinated as well. He had another good day today at school, which is good. Slept well, ate well, behaved well. I'm glad he had a good day today, hopefully he'll keep just having good days.

I got this ball of crochet thread on Saturday at the stash party when I was talking about finding something (maybe dental floss maybe even fishing wire) to thread in as a lifeline in my Ishbel before starting the lace portion, scared that I'd screw up somewhere and have to rip back. By putting in a lifeline, if something happens, I could go back to a row before, without having to rip back more than I have to.

This crochet thread is just perfect. Super thin and not in the way.
Now I'm ready to start the lace.

The weather this summer has been the pits. Look at what they're predicting for this week. Tomorrow, Showers. Wednesday THROUGH Saturday, Showers. Sunday - Thunder Showers. Uhm, where's summer?? Rain, rain, go away, come back another day - you're flooding my vegetable garden.

Jamie's subbing on his friend's baseball team tonight, so I'm going to go relax & knit.


Sarah B. said...

I busted out the crochet thread for lifeline use yesterday on my spiral sweater. Love it!

dawn said...

I'll trade you's super hot and sunny in Seattle and who would ever think we would be wishing for rain. Hope you get to have some sun before the summer's over.

Big Girl Feet said...

It was so great to talk to you!! I hope some day we can meet for real! Norm mentioned the other day that F1 may be coming back to Montreal, so if it does, we'll be heading out your way! (Not sure when or if it'll happen tho'!)

Amelah said... which friend u gonna call ;-)

Cool idea tho!!

Frigging horrible "Summer", if u can call it that???

Bea said...

hmmm... I always end up using sock yarn scraps for life lines.

Sorry about the bad weather. We've had a couple of weeks of rain down here and I'm enjoying it. Rain is so rare this time of year, normally it rains right through the spring into May then doesn't start again until October, that its always enjoyable to have a summer rainy season.

Nell said...

The laundry is never ending here too. And we don't even have kids! It's crazy.

Tara said...

I'm glad the return worked out. I honestly don't think I would have bothered. Guess that's why I'm not the queen of deals, eh? lol

g-girl said...

laundry..don't you wish that it would just kind of take care of itself?? well, think of it this way, next year when sean is in soccer he's going to be really good because of all his practice this year! :)glad he had a good day @ school. sounds as though he's starting to trust his new surroundings. :)