Saturday, July 25, 2009

july twenty-five

This morning I hit 149 on my scale. 149!!!!!!!!

(That would be 152 on my nutritionist's scale, 3 lbs less than my goal weight!)

This morning the traveling stash bag was picked up from my house and is now on it's way to Moncton, New Brunswick via an Ottawa knitter. It was super nice of her to pick it up from my house and bring it there for me. While waiting for her to arrive, Mack pulled on the cable of my circulars while I was in the middle of working on Ishbel, and the needle flung out and there went all my stitches. I almost had a heart attack. My first real lace project, and Mack rips out the needle from my stitches. I was at row 6 of section B (the first time you do Section B for the large size). All I have to say is thank heavens I had a lifeline in. The one I had in was at row 2 of section B (I was only putting them in on wrong side rows as it was purling all the way back and much easier to put in a lifeline) which was good that I didn't have to rip back to the lifeline I had at the end of the stockinette section.

I was so frustrated this morning I couldn't get my stitches back on from my lifeline. Never try to do something like that while pissed off. I do not recommend it.

I had some deliveries to do in the city today, so I met Kadi for coffee/lunch after I was done at the cafĂ© that is directly under her apartment. It's called 92°. Very neat place. So neat that they had tables that you could draw on with chalk. That certainly kept Sean entertained for the most part while we were there. It was nice to catch up with Kadi as well.

On our way home, when we got to a certain street near our house, which was where we had gone by last night on our way to dinner with my in-laws, Sean asked "Mommy, where's the lady collecting money?" At first I had no idea what on earth he was talking about, but then I remembered that yesterday on our way to dinner there was a lady in the middle of the street (a busy street too) with a cardboard sign asking for money. She knocked on my car and Sean started asking all these questions. I told him that she has no job or house and is asking for money for food (and what I was thinking in my head was that it would probably go to drugs and alcohol but anyhow...) and tonight, when driving past that same intersection, he asked where the lady collecting the money was. It's odd the things that kids remember....

Before going home we made a 2 hour pit stop at my parents house. My dad has all the car washing equipment and I decided it was time for an interior cleaning of my car. I vacuumed goldfish crumbs out of every nook and cranny in my car. It was unbelievable the amount of kid mess there was in the backseat. Ah, but boy does it feel good to have a clean car. I know in a matter of no time, my car will be kid messy again... it's only to expect. Sean was a very good car cleaning helper.

We're starting to finally have more zucchinis from the garden.

So tonight, we had fresh grilled zucchini with dinner. Yum!

Before Sean went to bed this evening, he insisted he try on my shoes. Oh, I swear... this kid is obsessed with my shoes. I really hope it's nothing to worry about!Align Left

Tonight I picked up the rest of the stitches from my lifeline and everything is back to normal now. Jamie has ball tonight, so I basically plopped myself in front of the tv, and picked up those stitches. I was determined to do it, and I had a clearer mind this evening. As I said earlier in my post, I don't recommend working on something when frustrated. It just makes things worse.


Amelah said...

ahah Sean in your shoe's is too funny!!!!!

Does Sean want to clean my car too>? Where was I when these car washes were happening?!?! LOL I miss all the good stuff!!!

Congrats on the 149! U must be so happy!!! Good job!

Bea said...

I know you got the stitches back on from the lifeline, but I know the whole experience had to be so frustrating. I've accidentally pulled my own needle out dozens of times but never had someone (or a dog) pull it out for me.


Nell said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!! That's not easy. And you're doing so well.

Sarah B. said...

Thank goodness for lifelines! The zucchini look so yummy. You've certainly influenced a lot of veggie-grilling in our house this summer!

Tara said...

I'm not getting much out of my miniature vegetable patch this summer... *Sigh*