Thursday, July 16, 2009

july sixteen

Today my mom took Sean to daycare as I was able to get Mack down for a morning nap, he was just really cranky this morning, so back to bed it was. Some mornings he takes another nap, sometimes not. I guess depending on how tired he is? Well this morning, a morning nap was needed.

I ran some errands this afternoon after Mack got up, with my mom. I ended up finding a twin sheet set for Sean's bed for 7.50$ after liquidation! It was 25$ and 70% off. I wish they had more, as I would have picked up another set for Sean and some for Mack once he's in a big boy bed. Sheet sets (twin size) go for anywhere above 25$ from what I've seen, and the three that I picked up last month for Sean (but didn't open yet), were around 29.83$ a set (all from Walmart - Diego, Cars, Sports... you're paying for the brand/name). I think before I open the Walmart ones, I'll look at another Zellers to see if I can find any more of the liquidation sheets. Ideally, I'd love 2 per kid. And right now I have 1 set. It's cute too, it's just got measuring tapes on them, so it's got yellow rulers, and number running all down it. Sean loves numbers, and that's the first thing he noticed when I showed him the sheets. Wow, if I could get more these, I'd be able to get 4 sets for the price of 1 from Walmart. I'll definitely look around. I'm the queen of deals!

Did some more errands, picked up some gifts we needed for upcoming birthday parties (we have one in 10 days and another in August and I needed a gift for a birthday party we missed earlier this month). I love shopping for girls. The party we have in 10 days is for a girl. I don't get to shop for a girl ever having 2 boys, so it's always fun to do for a party we have.

Picked up Sean on our way home, and was disappointed to see that he again had a neutral face checked off for Behavior. I really need to catch his teacher in the morning to ask about it - since when I get him at the end of the day, all the kids are outside, and sometimes his main teacher is gone already for the day. His other teacher is on vacation, so it's been the sub there when I pick him up in the playground, and she has no idea. Hopefully it's nothing bad, or I am sure I would have gotten a phone call. I had sent Sean this morning to daycare in a pair of long pants and a sweater, and now it's boiling hot. Good thing there was at least a tshirt under his sweater. This weather really doesn't make any sense at all.

After daycare we hung out in the park for a bit before supper.

Mack's already ready for the new football season. GO EAGLES!

Getting some knitting done on my Clapotis, while the boys played in the park.

Sliding fun!

We had this & that for supper, throwing together things we had in the house. Sometimes, this & that is good. I also made a huge salad from stuff from the garden. Agian tonight, it was 75% from our garden (lettuce, tomatoes, green onions) and 25% not (cucumbers). Yum!

Sean actually went to bed tonight without any problems. I have no idea why when I'm home alone with him he causes a huge fight with me to go to bed, but when Jamie and I are both home, no problem, he goes to bed. Very frustrating.

Tonight Jamie & I watched Tv. We caught up on Tuesday & tonight's episodes of Big Brother, and then we watched some Gene Simmons Family Jewels as we also had 2 epsiodes from the weekend to watch. I worked on my Clapotis:

Mid afternoon progress shots of my Clapotis. It's a little larger now, from having worked on it this evening. So I'll just have to take more progress photos soon!

I am LOVING the color. I love the way it's knitting up.
Clapotis' are awesome in variegated yarn.
Never again will I knit one in a solid.

Oh! There's some new stitch markers in the shop!
Star Happy Faces.

And Happy Face Stitch Markers.
Something fun to add to your knitting!


Bea said...

I think I'm going to love finding sheets on sale. I've been on such a sewing kick and they make great (cheapish if on sale) backings for quilts! Sounds like the sheets you did find will be a big hit.

The clapotis looks great. Very pretty.

Amelah said...

LOVE the new stitch markers!! They are soo cute!!

Looks like you guys had fun @ the park! Love the pics :)

Looking good big sistah!

Mack with the side ways hat = priceless!!!

Love the clapotis too! I think, one day soon [after I knock off some FO] I will make on too :-)

Nell said...

The boys look like they are having a blast in the park! What a good way to get some of their energy out!

Tara said...

Note to self: never let Robyn see what I actually paid for my kids' twin set sheets. Ever.

g-girl said...

i love the shots from the park! i hope you're able to talk to sean's teacher so you can find out why he hasn't been getting the happy face. he could still be testing her out, you know?