Wednesday, July 15, 2009

july fifteen :: 56 weeks old

Mack is 56 weeks old today.

Mack started 3.25% homogenized milk this morning. At first he tasted it, wasn't sure what the heck it was and threw the bottle at me. I tried explaining to him that he is now a big boy and he has to learn to like milk, because that's all he'll be getting from now on, instead of formula. I told him it was good. After some convincing, he eventually finished drinking the entire thing, but still not sure if he liked it. And not all of it made it into his mouth. I'm hoping tomorrow gets easier. I really don't recall the transition of Sean going on 3.25% milk, though, I could just look it up in my archives. I'm sure I blogged about it.

This morning we had our class at the synagogue again. The music girl was late, so class ended late, which wasn't a big deal. We had fun regardless. We just got more gym time today because the music part was delayed.

After class, I went to the nutritionist. I've now been the same stable weight since last week - which is good, and it's still under my goal weight. This is good. It means this stabilization is working. I'd of course like to lose a few more pounds, but stabilizing under my goal weight works too. I was 154.2 on their scale which is 151.2 on my scale.

I did some groceries real quick and then brought Mack home for a nap, as he was getting cranky at this point. I did a lot of work at home, including packing of orders. I also did some more inbox clean up for my emails, and things are starting to get under control these days, which is super duper good. I like being more organized. Hopefully I can get back on track, and stay there!

Upon picking up Sean from daycare, he's been getting the middle box at daycare checked off for behavior. The first box is a happy face, the last box is a sad face. The middle box is a straight lined mouth face, meaning "so-so". I need to ask his teacher what he's doing to "not behave". This is not cool that he's behaving like that, but I want to know what the root of the behavior is.

Tonight I went to Knit Night with the West Island Knits/Crochet group. I worked on my Clapotis (which is coming along great) and got a LOT knitted on it tonight. We were a nice group tonight, Always good conversation. I love it.


Sarah B. said...

Have you tried cutting the milk with formula for a little while, reducing the amount of formula each day? Might help him get used to it.

Bea said...

I seriously thought I remembered that Sean didn't want to switch to milk at all. But then that could have been another of my kids friends.

Hopefully Sean's just been cranky about nap time or something while at daycare?

Amelah said...

Mack will get used to it! Sean did! Hey Sean even learnt how to drink milk out of a zippy cup!

Mack looks so cute in the balls!

Tara said...

Didn't Sean JUST start in a new class? Don't they give him some time to adjust?

g-girl said...

i was going to ask how the transition from formula to milk was going and then i thought it wouldn't be a big deal. guess i was mistaken!! uh-oh..the middle box @ daycare? hopefully it isn't anything too bad.