Thursday, July 23, 2009

july twenty-three

I'm down again on my scale at home. I'm so proud of my accomplishments. And let me tell you, there are some days where I just want to shove my face with food. At least when I want to do that, and I do, it's shoving my face with cucumbers or healthy snacks instead of chips and cookies and ice cream and all that bad stuff. Today marks exactly 6 months since I started my weight loss. I cannot believe that I've lost almost 38 lbs.

After my cleaning lady left today, I dropped Mack off at my parents house and headed to work. There was a few things to take care of before next week, and since my mom agreed to watch Mack for a couple of hours, which was good, since he's not in daycare yet.

Going to work today, I made a quick stop into the sewing shop next to my work. Whoops, walked out of there with 6 x 50g balls of yarn. 4 balls are for socks for Jamie (for 2 pairs) and 2 balls for myself. I probably should have avoided that store! I will take pictures of that stash enhancement and post them soon! I'll have to make sure to avoid that shop when going to work. (Though, there's not too much more than what I bought that didn't have acrylic in it).

After picking up both kids on my way home, we played in the backyard for a bit. I wanted to pick some lettuce in my garden for my neighbor. She was craving lettuce (33 and a half weeks pregnant).

Saw some zucchinis that will be ready soon.

And some almost ripe tomatoes.

Some green peppers actually growing! (Last year we got none).

Some lovely pink flowers.

One of the many bees in our backyard.

The first zucchini ready to eat!

My little munchkin!

And my little clean freak (he's obsessed with cleaning products!)

And even though we were having fun in the backyard, we had a date in the park to go to.

We met up with my very pregnant neighbor and her 5 year old daughter in the park for a bit until our dinner showed up (we ordered in food tonight). As we were leaving the park after our playdate, Sean went over to our neighbor's daughter, and gave her a hug goodbye. While sweet, he plays fast this kid! He only just met her tonight. I told him next time, save hugging for a 2nd date.

Tonight I had to give Mack a bath since he was filthy from the sand at the park. Jamie had ball so I was only going to do 1 bath tonight and Mack needed it more. Alone I won't bathe both of them together, and there's not enough hot water to do one bath after another as by the time one kid is done a bath, I'd have to re-fill the tub with water as it's ice cold. But, our water doesn't heat that fast for some reason (as to why I don't take a shower right after Jamie takes a shower). Sean will get his bath tomorrow night. After I put Mack to bed tonight I had a huge problem getting Sean to bed. I seriously only got him into bed after 10:30pm. He was just fighting me. So I sat with him in the dark in my bedroom (as that's where he wanted to be and that's the only place he didn't scream on the top of his lungs) until I finally convinced him he was tired and should get to bed.

Now I'm exhausted. I'm not liking this terrible two's business....


Bea said...

If you stuck him in his bedroom how long could he have possibly screamed for before he realized you weren't going to come get him up or bring him into your room? I know it would be so incredibly hard to leave him screaming, but maybe he wouldn't have gone on so very long and he would have got to bed at a more reasonable time?

Nell said...

Your garden is really booming (blooming?). It's so cool to be able to teach the boys about where food comes from.

Sorry for the bombardment of comments. No need to respond to all of them. I'm just catching up.

g-girl said...

really, you didn't get any peppers last year? we got some but i didn't know when to pick them and everytime i did, they tasted funny. so i'm hoping you have better luck! 38 lbs in 6 months? that's awesome!

Tara said...

I know that store, they really don't have much. You must have cleaned them out of any good stuff!