Friday, July 10, 2009

july ten

I hit a new all time low today on my scale at home! Yesterday I was 151.2 on my scale, and today... Voila! 150.8! I feel fabulous! And I know, I've been emailed that I'm super brave for posting a picture of my scale on my blog - but you know what??! It's motivation for myself to keep it up - and hopefully it's inspiration to other people if they want to lose weight as well, they totally can! I hope this weight stays this low early next week when I go get weighed in again at the nutritionist's office! So I can show them my new all time low weight!

This afternoon while Mack napped, I spent the entire time working on his thank you cards for this birthday party. Too bad he can't write them himself. While writing them out I caught up on the episodes of Jon & Kate Plus Eight that I have on my PVR.

I biked to pick up Sean from daycare today, and mailed Mack's thank you cards on my way to the daycare. I know they won't get picked up until Monday, but it feels great to have them out of my house, something else to cross off my to-do list. (I'm a list maker).

When we got home, we headed out to the garden to see what's doing:

Tomatoes are turning red. These ones are the Red Robin (cherry tomato size)

Our lettuce area.

Tomato patch.

Peppers growing. This is actually a red pepper, apparently they turn red after they're done growing. Interesting! I didn't know that.

And the stringless beans are flowering. I will soon have beans!

The yellow onions aren't doing anything. I think the bag may have been rotted or something. They're not growing whatsoever. Not sure what I did wrong in this case... I'll try again next summer.

Mackie enjoying some time in the backyard.

This evening we had a huge salad for dinner from our garden. We managed to get 75% of the salad from the garden too. Some tomatoes, lettuce and green onions (shallots). The only thing not from the garden was cucumbers, because they're not ready yet. Hoping soon. The weather this summer has been absolutely horrible, and it's slowing down progress on a lot of the plants.

After the kids were in bed tonight, Jamie and I started to watch Nurse Jackie. From 6 episodes that are out, we've watched 4 of them tonight. We'll save the other 2 for sometime over this weekend. Love this show! The next episode new is Monday night, so we hope to catch up before then. I love Edie Falco - and I know some of the other cast members from other shows as well. Great cast. Funny story. I like it! Do you watch Nurse Jackie? What do you think? It's after Weeds on Showtime on Monday nights.


For The Love of Yarn said...

Way to go on the weight loss! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!!

Great growth on your garden. So jealous. I wish I had a green thumb like you do!

Knit Girl said...

Way to go on the lowest weigh in! You are doing fantastic.

Great garden progress too. I've been watching your garden pictures I'm in awe of what you have done.

Jen said...

My husband and I really like Nurse Jackie! Great characters and Edie Falco is wonderfully funny.

Amelah said...

150!?!? Good for you! I am going to get back into my training...actually i am going to try it with a friend of mine at my place since i have most of the equipment. I am not happy with myself, specially when i see how well u r doing!!!

I see cherry tomatoes :)

Bea said...

Your garden looks yummy!

Nell said...

I can't wait for Nurse Jackie to come out on DVD. Some nurses have gotten offended but I think that's like getting offended at The Soprano's if you are Italian. It's not going to interesting to watch if it isn't controversial.

Tara said...

I think your garden is looking great! My garden hasn't really been doing much I'm afraid. I may give up the whole notion next year...

g-girl said...

wow, look at your garden! :) sorry about the onions though. can't wait to hear how the peppers turn out.