Saturday, July 11, 2009

july eleven

Today was a horribly rainy day. I don't know if we'll ever see a real summer this summer. It's been pretty much spring like weather since... well, winter ended. But today, the rain really poured down!

I finally got a moment to hang up the picture frame that Cynthia made for me which she sent in our birthday swap package. I had the perfect spot for it too! In the corner of my bedroom on top of the little table that we have in the corner. I love it here. Just need to find the perfect photo to go into it though, of the 4 of us, since it has all our names on it!

Late morning today my friend Mindy came over. She is in town visiting her brother, who happens to live around the corner from me. I haven't seen Mindy in ages, not since I lived in the city. She has since moved to Toronto, but it's been at least 2 years, since she's been with her current boyfriend for 2 years now, and that's been since she's been in Toronto, I believe. Funny enough, her brother, who she's staying with, his son is in Mack's Tuesday morning class. This week I actually clicked very well in class with Mindy's sister-in-law. She's a real sweetie. Small world! Mindy came by today for about 2 hours with her boyfriend, whom I got to meet for the first time, and after a tour of our house, we just chilled in the playroom, so the kids could run around the playroom and we could still be comfortable as we have couches in there. It was really nice catching up with her.

Around lunch today, an Ottawa Knitter dropped off the Traveling Stash bag at my house. She contacted Montreal Knitters asking who wanted it for their knit group. Someone else replied before me, but she got back to me stating they never got back to her, so it was for the West Island Knits if we wanted it. It's like 3 bags (1 is a garbage bag) full of yarn and a few magazines. We're going to have a stash party soon, so that West Island knits can go through it, and add to it, and take what they want from it. Then, it'll go to the next city, since it's the traveling stash bag. I've already got an Ottawa knitter who is on her way to Moncton, NB at the end of the month possibly picking it up to take it there for me. If it's too much stuff for her to bring, she'll take what she can, and then the rest will go to Kingston, Ontario perhaps. I may be going to Kingston later this month/next month.

Sean refused to nap again today. I haven't had him nap a proper nap on the weekend in a while. It's really horrible. He naps Monday to Friday at daycare, why is he fighting them at home?? Does anyone have tips on what I can do to get him to nap?? I'm really not sure what to do anymore, I feel like I've tried everything.

Since it was pissing rain, we hung out in my bed this afternoon with Sean and Jamie too, and we watched some TV until the dish signal failed (due to the weather). Then, to entertain Sean we put on youtube on Jamie's laptop in bed, so that Sean could watch video clips of shows he liked. (The kid seriously has his own playlist, LOL). We felt like staying in bed, and we don't have cable on our bedroom, only downstairs and in the playroom. We still had internet though, so youtube videos it was!

Jamie and I both didn't feel like cooking tonight, and it was not barbecuing weather at all, so Jamie went to go pick up our fave pasta dishes from a local Italian place that has whole wheat pasta dishes. I had my usual whole wheat vongole (seafood sauce) and it was delicious as always. The boys shared a tortolini dish and devoured it to every last piece. Of course feeding them anything with sauce is a disgusting mess, but it's cute anyhow. I fed Mack tonight instead of him feeding himself, as I wanted to minimize as much mess as possible.

Because Sean didn't nap today he got very cranky late afternoon. I made sure that both of them were in bed, sound asleep before Jaime left for hockey tonight. I needed the few hours of peace and quiet tonight. While Jamie was at hockey I worked on my stitch markers that I promised as RAK's (Random Acts of Kindness) on Ravelry. There was a handful of people that asked for stitch markers in their wishlist, so I made some for about 8 people, and those will go in the mail next week.


Bea said...

Mostly a yucky day huh? The frame from Cynthia is really pretty.

Amelah said...

Frigging rain man....GO AWAY!!!! SUMMER come here !!

It's nice to spend the day in bed once in a while!! With me working so often, i dont get to do it and then if i spent all day in bed i feel like i am wasting a day of laundry and stuff that i can't do since i am working!!

Nell said...

It NEVER rains here in the summer. I miss those big thunderstorms of the midwest. But I guess we always want what we don't have.

g-girl said...

oh no..rain! have you solved why sean was fighting naps at home?

Tara said...

That must have been the day that we decided to just go with it, put on our swimsuits and played in the rain!