Sunday, July 12, 2009

july twelve :: 132 weeks old

Sean is 132 weeks old today.

Jamie golfed today and left the house before the kids and I even got up for the day. Since he was golfing I had my parents come over for a little bit this afternoon so that I could take a shower in peace and run to the grocery store to pick up a couple of items I needed.

Sean refused to nap this afternoon. I was able to get Mack down for a nap though. Sean threw a fit and honestly, today it just wasn't worth fighting him. I don't understand how he'll nap Monday to Friday beautifully at school, but he refuses to nap on the weekend. Am I doing something wrong that he's just not cooperating? There is no reason for him to not nap, he needs it!

Tonight we had a BBQ at one of the girls in Mack's playgroup's house. This is the playgroup that Jenn is also in. She was there tonight with her 2 boys and her husband. I am not even sure how I managed to convince Jamie to go to this BBQ - because he usually hates these kinds of things, but he gladly came along, and even had a good time. Here are some pictures from the BBQ.

Sean sliding.

Playing in the huge pirate ship.

Sean playing with his friend Emery who is in class with him at daycare. Those two are buddies.

Mack enjoying the outdoors!

Good times!

Mack & daddy!

The cool pirate ship house in Mack's friend's backyard.
(Jenn's in this picture in the red shirt with Henri in the stroller!)

We had a good time at the BBQ, and everyone seemed to enjoy the food and the company!

This evening Jamie & I watched Big Brother and I worked on my Clapotis. I find working on it this time is knitting up a lot faster than the last time I did one. I swear, I can knit the rows on that project in my sleep!

So it's officially arranged, my husband's cousin is going to come stay with us for about 5 days from July 29th til Aug 2nd. It'll be nice to have her and her 8 month old daughter here! I can't wait! Must plan activities to do!


Sarah B. said...

What does Sean sleep on at daycare? Is it a mat? Maybe you can get one just like it to have at home?

Amelah said...

Shower? In peace? Who says you are allowed!!!

The boys looked like they had a lot of fun!

OMG that picture half way you took of the slide, where you see Jenn on the right hand side, looks like it could be in a magazine as an advertisement for the slide thing!!!

Bea said...

Oh! I love tire swings.

Tara said...

Don't you know? Kids are always angels for people other than their parents. We're just lucky, I guess!

g-girl said...

cool pirate ship house! will you guys build a structure like this for your own backyard one day? just a thought!