Tuesday, July 14, 2009

july fourteen

Today Mack had his class again at the local synagogue. I really like the moms in this class, and I really bonded with this one mom, who's son C is in the picture above with Mack. We've become instant friends. They live 1 street away from us, and I pass by their house on a daily basis when I drop Sean off at daycare. She's within walking distance, and I think Mack & C will become good friends! She's also good friends, maybe even best friends with my neighbor 3 houses down (whom I have yet to meet). I love this picture above - definitely going to print it and frame it for Mack's room.

Mack really enjoys going to the classes, as he loves to play in the gym.

And he also really loves the music part of the class too. He loves to play with the animal puppets and the musical instruments and bop his head along to the music. You can even at times, catch him shakin' his little bum. Too cute.

I wore some new earrings today, and I love them.
Had to show you them.

After the class I ran home to get something before dropping Mack off at my parents house, since I forgot something that he needed. I discovered my new recycling bin had been delivered to my house. It's huge! But I bet not big enough for the amount we recycle. We'll see how long it takes to fill (or rather how short of time it takes to fill up). This one that I got was "standard" size delivered to everyone. However, if you don't recycle as much, they had an option for a smaller size. They also had the option for the larger size if you knew that you would need it. I didn't RSVP, as if you don't, they were just going to send you this size above. Now I'm wondering if I should have asked for the larger sized one. I guess we'll wait and see if this one is enough space or not. (I recycle more than I throw out).

After dropping Mackenzie off at my parents house, I headed to work. I worked until I had to leave to get Sean from daycare. I ended up leaving late, but still got there with enough time to get Sean before the daycare closed.

After picking up Sean I took him to get some groceries and then to the dollar store next door as I needed to get a milk jug to put the bag of 3.25% (homogenized) milk for Mackenzie in, so that I could pour him his milk tomorrow when he starts real milk. (No more formula left as of tonight!) In the dollar store, Sean threw a fit in the middle of the store, because even though I was letting him pick out three (yes 3!) books that he wanted, he wanted 3 copies of each book. Tried explaining to him that yes, I would buy him the books, he certainly did NOT need 3 copies of each! That's for sure. He threw himself down on the floor lying down , started screaming and flapping his arms & legs all over. Ah, the terrible two's. Sean does this when he doesn't get what he wants and you try to get him to come with you, and he doesn't want to walk any further, etc... so he plops himself down and throws a fit.

And tonight was no better. I was home alone with both boys tonight since Jaime had to work late. Mack is an angel at bed time - knock on wood - and goes to bed without any hitches. Sean on the other hand, would NOT go to sleep tonight. He kept screaming and yelling and not listening. I just don't understand why out of no where he's behaving like this. I am hoping it's just a phase and it'll pass by quickly. It was just after 10 pm when I finally got him to bed, which was around the time Jamie got home from work. It took the both of us to get him to bed. The list of chores, work, and even maybe some personal time of peace & quiet since Jamie was out tonight, would have been nice to have/take care of. I got nothing done this evening. This can't go on like this, I'll go nuts. Really!


Amelah said...

I love Mack's facial expressions! They are too cute!!!

Hard to tell - what picture is on your earrings?

We have those outside our house. I noticed that individual houses were having one too. We have like 6 of them for ALL our townhouses, in my courtyard, we must be like 30 houses?!? But we have seperate for paper and botttles, so 3 of each!

Bea said...

Ouch about the tantrum. I wish we still had recycle and trash bins. Where we are we just have to basically set stuff out (paper bags full of recycle stuff on one side of the driveway and paper/plastic bags full of trash on the other). If you put out a bin the trash guys will actually just throw it away (basically they assume the bin itself is trash).

whistlepeaknits said...

I thought Mac was Sean! He's getting so very big.

dawn said...

It's almost like you're describing my 2yo. I'm hoping he grows out of it soon.

Nell said...

Good for you for recycling so much! It's so important. Our recycle bin is twice the size of our garbage bin automatically. I guess they are trying to send us a hint.

Tara said...

It'll pass, don't worry. They don't call them the terrible twos for nothin'!

g-girl said...

ugh..sorry to hear about your rough night. it'll get better though.