Saturday, July 04, 2009

july four

Sean's new thing is "Why not?" He skipped right over the "Why" and went straight to "why not?" Oh wow... that's a fun stage. And most of the time, I've been answering "Because I said so..." How long does the "Why/Why not?" phase last?? The first time he said it, it was cute. And now, not so much.

I made sure the boys got a decent nap this afternoon, and after the got up from their nap (I got some knitting time while they napped), we headed over to a friend of mine's house for her daughter's 1st birthday party. I met up with another friend there with her son. We were the only ones from the original playgroup who showed up, and you know what, that is fine by me, because I really didn't care to see the other girls whom I blocked on facebook due to their high school stupidities. So I actually got to enjoy the birthday party.

Mack & I with his friend & his friend's mommy.
This friend is a month and a half older than Mack.

The boys chillin' on the couch. (J & Mack)

They lasted until they figure out they could get off the couch.

Mackie, the birthday girl and J.

The birthday girl, J & Mack

Sean was such a big boy at the party, hanging out with the older kids. The birthday girls' sister is 4 years old, so she had some of her friends there too.

My cutie in a party hat.

And enjoying a slice of chocolate cake.

Shortly after cake, we headed out as people were starting to leave. I ran home to get two items (my electronic breast pump that I barely used and a nursing wrap for in public) that one of my sister's friends wanted to buy off me. Her friend was at her house, since it was my sister's boyfriend birthday party tonight. So I picked up what I needed, and took the kids to my sister's house, since Jamie had hockey tonight, and wasn't home.

Some of my sister's friends have kids, so Sean had a blast playing with them at the party.
Sean won't ever say no to playing with older girls who are blonde!
There were 2 of them! Lucky boy!

I got to hold the baby that the breast pump and nursing wrap were for. I forgot what 7 lbs felt like to hold. And holding this baby, made me want to have another one! Though, I still have another year or two before I can even bring up the subject with Jamie, who says he doesn't want any more kids. And I'm not even ready for another one yet... but I did fall in love with newborn again tonight! And since I had two fabulous pregnancies, I miss it. I really do. I enjoyed being pregnant. That's for sure.

We stayed until the birthday boy blew out the candles. This was already WAY past both kids' bedtimes, but hey, it's Saturday night. Sean managed to get more cake at my sister's house, and I thought I would have a super hyper kid all evening... but I was wrong. Once we got home, while putting Mack to bed (changed into his pj's and a fresh diaper on), I found Sean like this....

Passed out in my bedroom sitting up in his Caillou chair. Tired boy who just wanted to party!

Happy July the 4th to all my American friends!


Knit Girl said...

They are so cute at the party the little kiddies.

Your two boys in their little sofa chairs is freaking adorable.

Amelah said...

looks like the boys had a fun day today! Thanks for stopping by :-) Always a pleasure having you guys over!!!

Plus Sean entertains Harley! It is too funny.

Bea said...

Love how relaxed Mack looks in that first photo. Excellent that the kiddos weren't the only ones at your sister's boyfriends birthday party.

kate-the-enabler said...

Ha! So cute that Sean passed out in his chair like that. We don't have that happening around here all that often, so I really treasure it when we do.
As for the why/why not stage - what really bugs me is when Aidan asks 'why' without thinking about whether it's a real question or not - it's like a reflex to ask 'why' now. As in 'gee, that's a big truck' - 'why?' - really, how do you answer that? It's big because it's BIG....for crying out loud... :)

Tara said...

Wait until he starts answering the "whys" himself! I get lots of "yes I can SO do this, because I'm five now". Um... no???

g-girl said...

teehee. cute that he fell asleep sitting in his caillou chair after his long day of partying!