Thursday, July 02, 2009

july two

This morning Sean started in his new classroom at daycare. He went in without any issues, and seemed excited about his new class. At least he has 2 friends with him that moved to this class as well. They do that on purpose, so they're not alone.

After dropping off Sean I came home to wake up Mack. He was being babysat while I took Sean to his first day in his new class. I wanted to do it alone without Mackenzie, incase Sean needed me. I dressed Mack and took him to his new daycare to register him. Since I had Mack with me, she gave me the paperwork to fill out at home and to bring back as soon as possible. I told her I would do it over the weekend and bring it back early next week. She has photocopies of mine & Mack's birth certificates, so it's 100% that he's got a spot there starting September 1st.

I got a tour of the school. The nursery, which is up until the kids are 18 months to 2 years old (depending on when there is a spot to advance them), is separate from the rest of the daycare. However, I'm hoping that Mack won't be there when he gets moved from the nursery to the daycare, as as soon as Mack is 18 months old, I'm going to be pushing for a spot at Sean's daycare (which doesn't have a baby room, which is why he has to start at another daycare in September - when he'll be almost 15 months old).

This daycare seems clean. Nice programs (though nothing compares to the daycare where Sean goes) though I still left with a weird feeling in my stomach. It's probably because he's my baby and he's starting daycare, which means he's growing up. I couldn't shake off that ill feeling for a while today. It was weird.

The nice thing is that it's a 7$ a day daycare (subsidized by the government), which is half the price of Sean's. Sean's is almost 15$ a day. Though, the program where Sean goes doesn't compare to anywhere else and is worth the extra money.

She even has a spot for my friend's son starting September 1st, but I don't know if she will take it. I told her to call and make an appointment to go and see the daycare, as there is no harm in that. That would be neat if Mack had a friend in his class. So far, I don't even know anyone at all who goes to that daycare.

I did a lot of work today until Mack got up from his nap. After he woke up I did a postal run, as I had a lot to mail today. Then we picked up some things at the pharmacy where the post office is, and then since I had a gift certificate to Winners, I went to go check out what they had as far as Yoga (or Pilates) balls. I used to have one, but I don't think it made the move from the city to the suburbs, either getting tossed because I thought I'd never need it again (the lazy side of me talking) or it got forgotten about in a closet somewhere... not sure which one is the case. I could have sworn I'd packed it, deflated of course, in it's original packaging, but Jamie can't find it at all in our storage room. I found a pink yoga ball set, and also an outfit for a gift we need for Saturday night for a party the kids have.

I picked up Sean from daycare after our little outing to learn he ate well and napped well at school today. Phew! He was a really good boy they said. No issues at all with the new environment. That's what I like to hear!

I fed the boys some NHL pasta tonight, as Jamie asked me to feed the boys as he was going to be home just as I was to leave for knit night. He was running late tonight. Sean got a huge kick out of the NHL pasta, naming all the teams that were in his bowl. He's seriously obsessed with hockey (and a few other sports).

Tonight we went to Dunn's for knit night, and it was extremely loud in there, as they were having some sort of hula party going on, with a live DJ. So after we ate (and knit a bit) we changed locations and went to Starbucks next door where we were able to hear ourselves think!

I got a really nice birthday gift from Eugenie tonight, she made me this awesome bag! I just love the little red crochet flower on this side.

And the sewn on buttons!

And the coolest part - her son's old Judo belt is the strap. What a genius idea! And a great way to recycle! Smart! Totally cute at the same time! (Don't worry, she washed the belt before using it!) Thank you Eugenie - I love it!


Knit Girl said...

Great bag your friend made you!

Amelah said...

that was so nice of Eugenie! Love the bag! It has blue on it too!!

NHL pasta?? Really? Did not know that existed!!! At least it makes eating exciting for Sean!

Bea said...

Cute bag. Are you feeling any better about Mack going to daycare there?

Tara said...

You can buy NHL pasta? I'm SO buying some for my nephews!

g-girl said...

glad to hear sean's first day as a busy bee went well. :) wonder why you had that weird feeling in your stomach about mack's future daycare. how far is it from sean's?