Wednesday, July 22, 2009

july twenty-two :: 57 weeks old

Mack is 57 weeks old today.

This morning after dropping off Sean at daycare I took Mack to his class at the local synagogue, and it was a private class this morning as we were the only ones there besides one other girl and her child. Private classes are fun sometimes!

After music, I went to the nutritionist, and I'm back down to 153.8 lbs. Things are looking good. I really would like to hit that goal of 145 on my scale at home and 148 on their scale (3 lb discrepancy) though, as I keep mentioning, there's no deadline. After the nutritionist, I went to the UPS store to drop off some packages for work, and then checked out the shoe store next door. Someone told me I would be able to find something I was looking for there, but they didn't even have anything close to what I was looking for. No big deal. They current shoes on display are so ugly looking. Nothing was of my taste. I think that was the fastest I was in and out of a shoe store.

Mackie and I did some groceries this morning, and then I headed home to put him down for a nap. While he napped his short nap today (I'm wondering if the nap was cut short because his dream screen batteries died and that's his nap time/bed time routine to have it on) I got some work done. Lately it's just busy busy and lots of work to do. Never ends! Anyhow, I tried using his new cd player instead with some classical music, but I guess it just didn't have the same effect for him, and he didn't nap his usual 2.5-3 hour nap. (I'm still trying to figure out how my mother gets him to nap for 4 hours in the afternoons when she babysits him. That one is still a mystery to me.

I did a post office run this afternoon and also picked up my missed package from yesterday. It was the pattern Socks with No Name by Cookie A. I ordered it from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I had to sign for it, which is why my mailman couldn't leave it in my mailbox. While I was at the post office (in the pharmacy), I picked up some C batteries for Mackie's dream screen, so that it would be good to go for bedtime tonight.

When I picked up Sean from daycare today, they said that he was a really good boy today. Phew. I wasn't liking this "not behaving" business, even though they're saying it's just related to him not sitting properly at the lunch table.

Tonight I went knitting with my West Island Knits group. I got there early enough to grab the only huge table in Starbucks. I absolutely LOVE this table. It perfectly fits us around it and we can all see each other and hear each other (most importantly!)

I had a good time tonight. I worked on my Clapotis. Surrounded by friends (and family) is how I like to knit. Good chat, yummy mocha flavored coffee, what else is there to ask for?


Sarah B. said...

I wouldn't fret too much over the straight-face marks for Sean. As you said, it's only about sitting at lunch, and at our school, the middle marks don't mean bad, they just mean there is some room for improvement.

Bea said...

Knitting group sounds fun! I'm glad Sean is doing better at day care.

Nell said...

Mr. Mack is so cute!!!

g-girl said...

those socks are cool! 4 hour naps--and he's still able to sleep @ night? but then again, he's growing!

Tara said...

That used to drive me nuts about BMFA deliveries, you always had to sign for them. Even for a pattern? Come on!