Tuesday, June 30, 2009

june thirty

Today was Sean's last day in the ladybug class. On Thursday (tomorrow is a holiday) he will be in the busy bee class. So far, he's excited to go, we'll see what happens on Thursday. I gave both his teachers a gift this morning, I hope they like them. It was a parting gift. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to give one, but it felt right. I messaged Sean's friend's mom (whom I'm in playgroup with for Mack) to see if she did anything. If she didn't, I hope I don't make her feel like she should have.

I went this morning to the nutritionist, as tomorrow they're closed. Thank goodness there aren't any more holidays for a while, to interrupt my Monday-Wednesday-Friday check-ins. As soon as I'm done stabilization at the end of July, (it's a 6 week process), then I will only have to check in once a week while I'm in maintenance. I'm so looking forward to not going three times a week anymore. I'm kinda getting sick of that place. Very sick of it! I was back down on the scale this morning, which I knew I would be, and I apologized for my bad mood yesterday. I was pissed off at the scale, lol... and my body. It was my fault for having more wine than I should have at the wedding! Oh well... I don't do it often. But being up on the scale when you're trying to keep it off, or lose more, is very discouraging. Let me tell you! It feels better to be back at my goal weight today.

I dropped Mack off at my parents house after the check-in and then headed to work. I worked until 4:30pm or so, and then left to pick up Sean from daycare. He likes coming with me to do groceries, but it's super difficult to take both boys to do that, so since I was alone with Sean, I decided to take him with me to pick up what I needed.

Before picking up Mackenzie, I went back into the nutritionist's office, to ask a few more questions about a product that could help me with my stomach fat. I'm debating whether trying it out or not. It's all natural, so we'll see. I'm really debating it. I think what I may do, is give it the summer, and see if I'm able to get rid of the last bit of pregnancy flab on my own, and if not, then maybe look into it after the summer is over.

While Jamie was barbecuing dinner, I took a peak at what was doing in my garden:

Peppers are starting to flower!

The stringless beans are starting to grow tall, but I have yet to see a stringless bean.

The cauliflower plants are growing huge! No cauliflowers yet though.

Some tomatoes are turning red....! Soon we'll have these red fantastics to eat.

Little cucumbers are growing!

Zucchinis are coming too!
I'm very excited about the zucchinis!

Just before it rained, we had some silly fun at the window. We were all making faces at each other, it was too funny. Silly moments are what life is all about!

I love this "family portrait" you've got all 4 of us in this shot!

My silly son likes to take the pillow case off the pillow and use it as a sleeping bag. Not sure where he got this idea from, but this is how you can often find him.

Jamie and I chilled in bed tonight after the kids went to sleep. We watched some TV (Weeds, etc) and I worked on a design of my own I'm currently knitting. We were going to go see Stevie Wonder tonight, maybe with the kids (Jamie's insane) or maybe without, but they were calling for rain (I think it drizzled a little the evening while the concert was going on), and I didn't want to take the chance of getting caught in the rain. Too bad. It would have been awesome to go to a FREE Stevie Wonder concert. He's opening for the Montreal Jazz Fest.


Bea said...

The garden looks really excellent.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I think that SW didn't end up coming in to open the fest, he stayed wherever he was to perform at the MJ tribute.

Knit Girl said...

Your garden is just inspiring!

Tara said...

What's this wonder product for stomach flab??? Do tell.

Nell said...

I love Weeds! I think it's getting much better lately.

g-girl said...

aww, that sucks about stevie wonder! sean looks like he's going out into the safari in that hat. ;) look at your garden! I hadn't realized you planted cauliflower this year. no pumpkin, huh? :(