Wednesday, June 17, 2009

june seventeen :: Happy 1st Birthday Mackenzie!

Mackenzie is 1 year old today!

Last night Sean woke up in the middle of the night and said he was scared. So I crawled into bed with him and cuddled with him so he'd fall back asleep. Next thing I know, it's 7 am and I'm still in Sean's bed. I must have fallen asleep as well and never made it back into my own bed.

This morning I dropped off Mackenzie at my mother's house and Sean at daycare and headed first to the nutritionist's office to check in. I cannot wait for my stabilization to be over with so that I only have to check in once a week or so, instead of 3 times a week. I am honestly getting sick of being there three times a week! I then paid my city taxes at city hall, and then headed to work.

At work, the manager of our store said that he would clean up the office for me, so that I could make it my own, and that next week when I get there, I will not recognize the office at all. I cannot wait to see what he is going to do with it! I met the rest of the employees today, as one was on vacation last week, another wasn't working the day I was there. I think I've finally met everyone that works for us.

I did a new part of my job that I hadn't yet learned. I had to wait for some of the parts that I sent back as defective to come back so that I could know what to do with them next. Well, some of the parts I sent back last week came back and now I was able to learn what to do next. I cannot wait until I'm on a roll with this new job and can do things without looking at my notes over and over again. But for now, this is all new to me, and I know eventually I will get the hang of things. Eventually I will get comfortable with my new job.

I did groceries on my way home from work, and then picked up Sean from daycare. My mom brought Mackenzie with her to my house when she came for Mackenzie's birthday dinner. My dad got stuck at home with Gaz Met, and couldn't come - I was disappointed about that. My in-laws came as well (Jamie's dad & step-mom) as well as my siblings. We had a BBQ and everything was delicious!

Mackenzie enjoyed his birthday dinner!

And was mesmerized by the candle on his birthday cupcake.

He devoured the cupcake. Every last piece of it that didn't make it into the highchair!

His big brother Sean enjoyed the cupcakes as well. Yum!

I cannot believe that Mackenzie is 1 already. I really feel like the last year flew by really quickly. Both boys got more gifts tonight (Sean got gifts too so he wouldn't feel left out!) I swear these 2 boys are way too spoiled! I hope that Mackenzie had a great birthday today. I really am starting to see changes in him from baby to toddler. It's really incredible. In the last week he's really "grown up" a lot from baby. He's so cute. I love it. My little pisher is growing up!


Tara said...

Aren't we blessed to have such happy, healthy families? Happy Birthday Mack!

Jenn said...

Awwwe! Happy first Birthday Mack. Looks like you've been having fun over the last little while. :-) is seriously hard to believe that he's 1 now too.

Bea said...

Happy Birthday Mack!

summer said...

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY MACK!! you are getting to big such a big boy!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mack!

Cathy said...

Mackenzie is a cute little baby.. I love his face filled with the icing.. He really loved it.

Happy happy birthday Mackenzie!

g-girl said...

i hope mack had a very happy birthday! :) love those cute lil cupcake faces! sorry to hear your dad wasn't able to be there for mack's bday dinner. what is gaz met?