Monday, June 22, 2009

june twenty-two

This morning I went to the nutritionists office and I am at 154.8 lbs! That's now below my goal! With the 3 lbs discrepency between my scale and theirs, that was 151.8 lbs on my scale at home. I'd really like to go down to 145 lbs on my scale, (148 lbs at the nutritionist's office) but if that takes me all summer, I'm in no rush. I just know I'd eventually like to get there. I can do it! That's 7 more pounds, which is apparently one pant size.

Mack had his 1 year check up today. He got 2 shots, one in each leg. (Bandaids to prove it). Poor guy, got freaked out by the first shot that he maneuvered in every way possible during his 2nd shot and she had to insert it in his leg 3 times before being able to administer it. And the 2nd shot was the more painful shot (because of the needle). Poor guy. I've never heard him scream/cry so much in his entire existance. Not even at his Brit Milah! Really!

Mack got weighed and measured. He falls still in the 75th percentile for height and still in the 10th to 25th percentile for weight. He weighs 20 lbs on the nose, not an ounce less and not an ounce more. He's still my tall tiny little pisher. I asked if I should keep him on formula or if I should switch him to 3.25% milk, and she told me once I'm finished whatever formula I have in the house to switch him to milk. He's still on his own growth path and hasn't derailed from it, so it's fine that he's a little smaller than most kids his age.

He does have eczema, and she gave me a script to fill for when it's really red. She told me to bathe him less (really? for real?) since water irritates eczema. The kid is crawling around and getting into everything and she wants me to bathe him less??

While there, I asked her about my face. I've been breaking out really bad on my chin. And only on my chin. For months now I just thought that maybe it was because of the two pregnancies, with my hormones being all whacked. I thought maybe it was because of my weight loss, maybe it was the extreme change in my body. Or maybe it was the suppliments (all natural however) that I'm taking. I thought it was really anything... turns out, it's a bacterial infection (not contagious) and she gave me a script for gel to use for 4-6 weeks. I am not allowed to use cover up, moisterizer or anything on the area during the treatment. 4-6 weeks without cover up?? On what looks like acne?? I am going to feel like a kid in high school. (I never had acne in high school, so this is all new to me). And after the 4-6 weeks I have to taper off the treatment, less applications per day. (For the first 4-6 weeks, it's twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night). But hopefully it'll clear and I wont even need cover up after that point! That's the goal. And if that doesn't work, she gave me a script for antibiotics to take to clear it. But that's if the gel doesn't work. I really hope this clears fast. I'm done looking like I'm a 16 year old with bad acne on my chin. Thank heavens for photoshop... (That's why you never see me with spots on my chin! If I'm not wearing cover up in a photo, photoshop is my best friend before photos end up on this blog)!

On my way home from the doctor's office I picked up some tshirts for Sean. Jamie was complaining that the kid has no tshirts. Well after picking up 14 tshirts for him today, yes - fourteen!!! I was folding laundry this evening of the kids's stuff and counted out 19 or so tshirts in Sean's pile. Jamie then went on to explain that Sean had no "plain" tshirts (which is mainly what I bought today) and that he wanted me to get them for Sean to sleep in. Makes sense. It's summer now, warm outside and inside (even with the airconditioning) and wanted plain tshirts for him to sleep in since his pajamas all have long sleeves. Having extra tshirts is never a bad thing anyhow.

Both kids were SUPER cranky tonight. I'm attributing it to Sean's molars that are cutting and the 2 shots Mack got today. If it's not because of that, then I have no idea why it was a cranky night at our house.

After stories were read, kids in bed, Jamie & I opened up a bottle of wine. It was just one of those evenings. A glass of wine was much needed.

Some progress pictures of my knitting projects - Ishbel (above) and Clapotis (below).

This evening we watched Weeds when it was on Showtime at 10pm, and then after I watched Jon & Kate plus 8. I wanted to see what was going on - and as it turns out - they filed for divorce today (which was stated at the end of the show). It's really too bad. Especially with that many kids. Apparently the divorce rate for parents with multiples is really high.

I got a nice gift from Betty - who gave it to my sister at dog school last week when they saw each other. It's super cute and already on my airwalks (immitation crocs!) Thanks Betty!


Tara said...

I'm not surprised that Jon & Kate split. I mean, Phil and I get on each other's nervers and we've got TWO! Can you imagine the stress of eight??? No way.

Bea said...

Maybe this is a bad question but why don't they do the worse shot first?

Jenn said...

Awwe. Poor guy! They did Rowan's in her arm. The nurse practioner said they start to do them there after a year. She was also quite upset about the whole ordeal. Good thing they won't remember these ones. LOL! :-)
I feel bad for them though.

Knit Girl said...

Great chair you and Sean are on. Where's it from?? I'd love to get one for knitting!

Great progress on your knitting projects.

g-girl said...

oh my gosh! poor kid indeed...i couldn't imagine having shots in both of my legs! eczema for him and a bacterial infection for you? hope the infection went away by now. yeah, it is too bad about jon and kate. i feel for the kids.