Friday, June 05, 2009

june five

As of today, I've officially lost 48.75 inches off of my entire body. I cannot believe that I have lost almost 50 inches. Bye bye. I don't want to ever see that many inches back on my body again, unless I am ever pregnant with our third child. I am still down 32 lbs - but it seems that my weight loss happens over the weekend so by Monday I want to be a few more pounds down and closer to my 35 lb weight loss goal! I smell the finish line. I really do. I've been working SO hard to get there. And I want to reach it before my birthday, so that I can indulge on a slice of Strawberry Cheesecake on my birthday! I can smell it now. I'm already licking my lips!

Today I ran some errands with my mom & Mackenzie. See, I told you - the errands (just like the laundry) never end/stop. Zellers is having a buy one get one free on their fashion items on liquidation and I pretty much picked up what I needed to finish Sean's 3 year old size wardrobe, and I got some stuff for his 4, 5 and 6 year old wardrobe (thank heavens I have closet storage space in the basement). It was such good deals, I couldn't pass up. I walked out of there with items and items of clothing. Tshirts for 2.49$ buy one get one free. I got Sean pj's from the movie Cars for 3$, buy one get one free. I got some really nice stuff. Apparently when I got my bill I had spent 56$ yet saved 77$. (Not sure how that's possible - but that's what the invoice says). I don't even understand how the bill was just 56$. I think there might have been stuff that was even more on sale than what the tag said. My kids will never walk around naked - that's for sure. I am pretty good at getting the best deals around, and I have no complaints about that. Especially for toddlers who outgrow their clothing fast. Inexpensive is good. Especially with the way the economy is these days.

While at the mall I picked up a bench for our backyard. I love it. I am going to have Jamie put it together tomorrow and I'll photograph it then when it's in our yard. Oh, I'm in love with the new bench. It's so vintage looking, I love it.

I had to return 2 tents that I picked up because Jamie didn't like them. One was a 4 man tent - but it came as a whole kit with sleeping bags and other stuff. The 6 man tent, I'm not sure why Jamie didn't like it - but I am not going to argue with him, and I am no longer on the hunt for a tent for our camping trip that we are taking this summer - Jamie can go find what the likes. Or I'll go with him. Either way, I am done with bringing home large tents that aren't exactly light to have to lug them back to the store to return. We still have my sister's tent to take a look at - but for some reason Jamie might want to buy our own tent, instead of being responsible for someone else's tent. (In case something happens, we do have 2 young kids and accidents do happen (tearing, stains, etc..) More about the camping trip later. Maybe we'll go see what Sports Expert has. Maybe my cousin who works there can help us pick out a tent. I'll remind Jamie about that option.

My in-laws didn't come for dinner tonight, since they had an auction to go to for the Rotary Club that Jamie's step-uncle is president of. Sounds like fun! We will be seeing them tomorrow, since Sunday they have a wedding.

So since my in-laws weren't coming for supper and Jamie had ball tonight, I decided to try the tofu spaghetti that I picked up the other day. Let's just say it wasn't my cup of tea. While not horrible, you have to really chew it. That's not how I like my spaghetti. I think I will just stick to eating whole wheat pasta. That's more my taste.

It does look like real spaghetti though. Don't let it's looks deceive you.

Tonight after dinner my parents came over as Sean wanted Bubbie (my mother) and Papa (my father) to come play in the park with him. He even called them up himself and asked. (I dialed the numbers, but he spoke to them on the phone). I also wanted to see my mom's new car, which finally came in. She'd been without a car for about two weeks now. Acura kept promissing that it would be here, but took forever. Her lease on her last car ended at the beginning of May. She got the exact same car (MDX) just in another color, and the new model. Very nice!

My little monkey climbed the monkey bars by himself (though my dad was there just incase) while Mack played in the sand. (And did try to eat it - it was freakin' disgusting!)

Both kids were super filthy after being done in the park, so my mom came into help me bathe the boys, I can't do both at the same time in the bath alone because Mack is still too young, so my mom helped me out while my dad played around with some the programming in my mom's car.

Now the kids are in bed, my parents have left, and I'm going to go plop myself on the couch, watch some TV and work on my Misty Garden Scarf. Must finish it before Sunday!


For The Love of Yarn said...

That tofu spaghetti actually looks good! Thanks for talking about it!

g-girl said...

tofu spaghetti?? what will they think of next? you really had to chew it, huh? great pics of sean, your dad, and mack. :)

Amelah said...

Nice deals!!!

So you are not going to use my tent?

Aww looks like the boys had fun playing with our mom and dad!

Tara said...

Just the thought of tofu spaghetti is giving me the heebie jeebies, dude. *Shudder*