Monday, June 15, 2009

june fifteen

This morning I had a trip to the nutritionist first thing in the morning. I'm doing good so far in my first week of stabilization. (It's a 6 week process to increase the amount of food I'm eating in a given day so that my body doesn't react badly to the increase of food. I'm already eating enough food in a day, but I don't mind having more food groups added!)

Mack gave me a really good nap today, and I got a lot of work done and chores around the house done as well, while he was asleep. I really look forward to his naps to get stuff done around the house.

I did groceries before going to pick up Sean from daycare. It's getting super hard to take Mack along with me to do groceries as he's trying to figure out how to climb out of the shopping cart. That, and he tries to grab everything on the shelves in the supermarket. He's getting very curious about the world around him.

I received 2 gifts yesterday for my birthday, which is tomorrow. Thank you to both Madeleine & Jenn for the really nice birthday gifts.

From Madeleine I got a lovely box called Knitting To Go. It's got patterns in it that are really nice, and are on tiny little cards - perfect for traveling. I got some tea that look yummy and some chocolates, which I'm saving for my birthday tomorrow. Thank you Madeleine - I love everything!

From Jenn I got this lovely brown travel jewelry case. It's super nice! I've never seen anything like it before, and I can't wait to find somewhere to travel to - to use it! I love all the little compartments on it, and it's very different from anything I've ever seen before.

This evening Jamie & I caught up on the last 2 hours of Season 7 of 24. We totally forgot that we even had it to watch - not sure how we missed that one. That show is really crazy, and it's just funny how there is still another season, so they can't exactly kill off Jack Bauer, can they?? I guess I will have to wait until 2010 to find out. I think the new season starts in January, if I am not mistaken. I got a lot of knitting done while watching 24 tonight. I've been working on my Clapotis that I started on Saturday.


Tara said...

Nice loot! I'm starting to get curious about what I'll be getting for my b-day this weekend!

Bea said...

Excellent birthday gifts.

Anonymous said...

Glad you like the travel case! I figured with the amount of earrings and necklaces and rings you have, being able to bring an assortment with you might be good. :)

g-girl said...

gosh, am I really this behind??? i love that travel case! It's cute. :) how's your clapotis coming along?