Tuesday, June 16, 2009

june sixteen :: 52 weeks :: My Birthday!

Today is my birthday. I had a great day.

It started off with my kids being silly. Sean has this fascination with my hair brushes.

And Mack wanted to try on his brother's sunglasses.

Mack is 52 weeks old today. I cannot believe that he turns 1 tomorrow. I'm in denial.

I convinced my mom to take Sean to daycare today as I was doing a bunch of things around the house, in order to try to get organized on a few things. I ran an errand this morning and ended up running into my ex-boyfriend. (My longest relationship prior to meeting Jamie, which ended a year before I met Jamie). That was awkward let me tell you. I was doing an exchange at the store, and I went to go get the item to exchange and when I got back, I cut the line, since I didn't have to wait in that line again, and when I got to the cash, she was finishing up with some lady, and when I got to the cash, she told the next customer in line that she would finish up with me first, and then get to him.... and I turn around and look and it's my ex. Fun. Honestly, after losing 35 lbs, it feels great to run into him and say to myself "HA, look what you're missing out on! I look fabulous!" Well, hey, I feel like I do!

I had lunch with my friend Gillian and her daughter, and I had a very yummy salad. I've been on this huge salad kick lately, I love it. Super healthy too. I'm always looking for restaurants that have good salads on their menu. My friend treated me to lunch - which was super nice of her. Her birthday is next week, so I will take her out for lunch later this month when we both have some free time to go for lunch. Before running a few more errands I visited my sister at work, since I was having lunch next door. She was having a pretty crappy day, so bringing her Mackie to see always brightens her day. Upon running my errands this afternoon, I've discovered that the Baie is getting rid of their Calvin Klein section and I can no longer get Jamie's jeans. He's in desperate need for a new pair and I was going to get him one for Father's Day. If I cannot find a pair for him (Calvin Klein Easy Fit) I am going to have to tell him that he may have to find a new brand of jeans to start wearing. (He's a very picky guy and all his jeans are the same). If I can no longer get them at the Baie, is there somewhere else I can get them from in Montreal? Calvin Klein's website is very useless.

I picked up Sean from daycare today by bike. I love riding my bike to get the kids, it's a lot of fun and great exercise. Plus, the kids enjoy the ride. We did stop at the park on the way home today. Jamie was running late from work, so I had some time to kill before he got home.

Sean made me a pretend "diet coke".

And had some fun on the dinosaur. He loves dinosaur things lately.

Mack decided he wanted to taste the sand.

And then realized maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

He rode in the car for a bit.

And then it was swing time. You can fit a whole other (or maybe even 2 more) Mackenzie in the swing, it's sooo big for him. But he has a good time anyhow.

My parents came to babysit tonight, just before the kids went to bed. Jamie & I went out for dinner for my birthday. We went to this nice Italian place up the street from our house. It was really good. Ordered a nice bottle of Shiraz (red), had some really delicious whole wheat pasta and ended up sharing my slice of Khalua Cheesecake with Jamie, as I felt too guilty eating the entire piece to myself.

I had a great birthday today. I hope my 28th year is just as good as any of the last few years if not better. I got a nice gift certificate to the bookstore from my boys, and on top of the bracelet that Jamie got me for my birthday (that I already have), he wants to take me shopping now that I've lost weight. I cannot wait for that!


Tara said...

Ooh! Shopping trip! That's always fun.

Craftlover said...

Happy belated birthday. :P
by the way, you really look so much slimmer! You look great, Robyn! I am very happy for you. :D

Kerry said...

Happy belated birthday Robyn! Sounds like you had an awesome day! Hope the next year is even better than the last!

Delly Bean said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Bea said...

Happy Birthday Robyn!! I'm still working on part of your birthday present but it should be coming to you soon!

Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Birthday to Mack. CK Easy Fit used to be DH's favourites too but I haven't seen them in about 10 years here so not sure what he gets instead... They last ages though - he has 2 pairs in the closet here - 1 really faded now but the black one is still really dark as he is just really careful with his clothes. Good luck with the search

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Robyn! Shopping trips rock!

dawn said...

Sounds like a great birthday! My boys are really into dinosaurs lately too.