Thursday, June 04, 2009

june four

This morning after I dropped off Sean at daycare I went to the vacuum place next door - I think they're called Filter Queen or something like that - and he has stuff for really old vacuums. When I bought my house that I am living in now, the owner before me left a bunch of stuff in the house. One of the items that I inherited, to my cleaning lady's delight, was an Electrolux AP100. It's circa 1973-1974. It's in excellent condition. I don't know what it is about these vacuum cleaners, but they are built to last. No cleaning lady that I've ever had likes the upright (vertical) vacuums. They prefer these long (horizontal) vacuum cleaners. Even my mother used to have one (though I believe all her cleaning lady uses now is my mom's central vac). Anyhow, this morning I ran out of bags, so my cleaning lady asked me while out dropping off Sean to pick some up so she can vacuum. Luckily there is this place next to Sean's daycare that sells parts and supplies. While I was buying the bags, he asked me if I needed a filter for it. I told him that I was sure there was something else that I felt that I needed for it, but wasn't sure. He told me that if I didnt need to come back, he'd take the package of filters back. When I got home, I put the new bag in, and I opened the area he told me that filter would be. Low and behold, there wasn't even a filter in there. So it's a good thing I bought it. I am really hoping that by not having a filter in there it hasn't been damaging my vacuum. I am hoping this trusty vacuum cleaner lasts me for years to come. I even prefer it myself over the new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner I bought just a few months before we moved here. It's been sitting in our front hallway closet collecting dust since we moved in. I am keeping it though, just in case one day I should need it.

Do any of you dear readers have an Electrolux? Aren't they the best built vacuum cleaners ever? I was so happy that our house came with one. I seriously was considering trying to hunt one down once we moved. I don't even know if anyone on Craigslist or Ebay have any for sale, but now I do not need one, since we got lucky.

Mack took a beautiful nap this afternoon allowing me to work. He is so good during the day, I really can't complaint. After he got up from his nap, we headed out to run some errands. There are always errands to run. I don't know where they come from - but they just always seem to be.

I stopped by Walmart to pick up some extra toys for the lootbags for Mack's birthday party which is coming up before I know it. They had some stuff that I wanted to get there, which I can't blog about since some of my blog readers have kids coming to the party! You'll have to find out after his party what I did for the loot bags. Let's just say I am having fun making them! I worked on the loot bags all evening tonight while Jamie had his ball game. I had peace & quiet in the house after the kids went to bed. It was really nice. There was toys all over the bedroom floor. It's the only way I was able to do it - and I cannot do it during the day while the kids are awake, or they'd want to play with the toys! Couldn't let that happen! Though, I did make each of my own kids their own lootbag, so they don't feel left out. I know Mack won't care, but Sean will know the difference. And since they party is not for Sean, I made him one special for being the birthday boys' brother. Sean the other day after a birthday party asked where his presents were, and I told him his birthday is in 6 months. I can only imagine what he'll ask for at Mack's birthday party. So I am going prepared. Mack will even be giving Sean a gift, so he doesn't feel left out. I picked up a while ago a bowling set (plastic), to have Mack give to Sean. Sean also will be giving his brother a birthday gift, I didn't forget to plan that out too!

While at Zellers today picking up a few other things on my list, I came across this Eco-Ways yarn by Red Heart. My first reaction usually to Red Heart is ICK. I have never been a fan of Red Heart until now. There is NO Acrylic in this yarn. Yes, I'm a yarn snob, I do not like Acrylic. This yarn, is 55% bamboo, 45% wool. The label says it's great for felting. I picked it up in a few colors, (red, green, brown, purple & turquoise) and it is super soft. 50g balls, 87 yards (80 meters) per ball. It's considered Worsted. I got 6 balls per color. We'll see what I end up making with it - but the colors are just devine. Maybe too many people complained to Red Heart that they should carry more than just Acrylic? Who knows. But I am also eying their Heart & Sole sock yarn! (It's 70% superwash wool, 30% nylon - no acrylic either)! I have to photograph all the yarn to stash on Ravelry - but I just had time to snap this one picture of the red (Cayenne) color. I'm impressed! For those of you running to Zellers Pointe-Claire to get some, wait a bit. I cleared out what they had on their shelf - lol. But I'm sure they'll re-stock soon. Here's to hoping anyhow!

Tonight Jamie grilled 3 large Zucchinis for dinner on the BBQ (with meat of course - we didn't just eat zukes for dinner!) but I swear, I could eat grilled zukes all summer long, every night, by the bucket loads. It is sooo freakin' delicious - and super duper healthy. Zucchini is one of those green vegetables you can eat as much of as you want, and it won't affect weight gain. Good to know! I heart zucchini (hence why I added a bunch of zucchini plants to a new extended part of my garden!) I hope I have zucchinis growing faster than we can eat them. That would be heaven.

So according to Melanie's facebook page, someone (I believe a relative of hers) sent some congrats to her - so I'm assuming that means that her son was born. Just waiting to find out details! That's awesome news - congrats Melanie! I can't wait to hear more! I hope mom & baby are doing well! I am so happy that her son is finally here! And I can't wait to meet him!


Bertha said...

We have almost that EXACT electrolux! It looks exactly the same except the colors are a bit different. Matt does the vacuuming at our house and he loves it and they are definitely built to last. Probably because they are all metal instead of the plastic vacuums are made from today! I also kind of dig it's old skool 70s-ness, ha!

pahkcah02 said...

Phil and I had grilled zuccini the other night - it was delicious! Are you growing them in your garden?

g-girl said... heart yarn that doesn't have any acrylic in it? amazing!

Tara said...

Your loot bags were amazing, Robyn! Seriously, you outdid yourself.