Saturday, June 06, 2009

june six

This morning we had a pajama party in the park for my friend's daughter who turns 4 today.

It was a little windy out, so the boys had to wear their jacket on top of the pajamas. Mack had his friend Aviva there, who is the birthday girl's little sister. Aviva is about 3 weeks younger than Mack.

They were completely happy spilling out their cheerios and playing with the paper bowls.

Now, I have to tell you - this park - is the most wicked park ever. There is a trampoline in the ground! How genius is this? As you can tell - I have a fabulous time jumping on it as well! I had such a good time in this park - that I want to hold our West Island Knit in Public day - in this park. What's great is that there is a Chalet with bathrooms, and the park is clean. We're going to do a picnic in the park. Maybe I can knit while jumping??? I felt like a little kid again having fun in the park.

There was face painting (hired by the birthday girl's parents). Sean got spiderman painted on his cheek. The birthday girl is obsessed with Spiderman. She was even wearing Spiderman pj's!

Sean thought it was super cool to have Spiderman painted on his cheek! He loved it!

We played with a parachute.

And played hoolah hoop games!

Even Mack wanted a turn!

Here is a video of Sean trying to Hoolah Hoop. It was too cute.

They had awesome chair swings - I got a kick out of these.
Our family doctor was there with her husband and her daughter. She's really good friends with the birthday girl's dad, for years they've known each other. She is now 17 weeks pregnant and will be leaving in October for maternity leave. She said she would see Sean early for his 3 year check-up and Mack she will be there for his 15 month check up in September, but his 18 month check up in December, that the CLSC will take care of his shots as the doctor that is following her baby patients (all other patients will wait until she comes back for regular check-ups) doesn't give shots, and I will make an appointment for Mack's 18 month with Dr. L who will be following Mack & Sean. Mack's 2 year in June, she probably won't be back yet, so I will probably see Dr. L in June 2010, as Dr. F said she's taking a full year maternity leave this time (with her daughter she didn't take a full year) and will only be coming back to her practice in October of 2010. I am glad that she has someone following her young patients, as I don't want to have to go looking for another doctor, as I really like Dr. F. Anyhow, I told her we're coming to see her in 2 weeks, so I'll talk to her more then about it. I didn't want to pry too much on her personal time at her friend's daughter's party, but a bunch of us were talking and she brought up her maternity leave.

We had a great time. The birthday girl opened her gifts, we had some yummy mint cake (I tried one bit - it was so hard to not eat an entire piece!) and then we headed home so that the boys would nap.

At some point this afternoon, after Mack got up from his nap, I convinced Jamie to put together the new bench. I absolutely love it. Mack wanted to help put it together.

I just love the vintage look to it. And I love the wheel sides. It's super comfy to sit in as well!
For now it's in the corner of our backyard. Next to it I put a little boy flower pot stand. I don't really know where else to put it for now, so I like it there.

My father-in-law came over for a bit. He was supposed to come with my step-mother-in-law but she wasn't feeling well and they have a wedding tomorrow so she wanted to rest up. Plus, she didn't want to get the kids sick. I appreciate it when people think about the kids, and not wanting to get them sick. Especially not a week before Mack turns 1!

My father-in-law brought over my (early) birthday present. (My birthday is June 16th - and as always I am looking forward to my birthday!) Last year I spent my birthday evening in the hospital after my water broke, but no hospitals this year! Last night at the auction, my in-laws bid on a 9 piece pot set for me, and won it in a bidding war. It's gorgeous! I will have to take a picture of it to show you, but I am telling you - I am spoiled. It even came with a HUGE food encyclopedia. I cannot wait to start cooking in them!

We were supposed to see Jamie's cousin Mike and his wife from New Jersey who are in town for the wedding tomorrow, but we figured why rush tonight (as there is a BBQ at the groom's parents place) so we made plans for lunch tomorrow. We are distant cousins of the groom, so we weren't invited to the wedding. The groom's parents were invited to our wedding, and my in-laws are invited to the wedding tomorrow, but we're not.

Tonight we barbecued hot dogs and zucchinis. (I told you I could eat them all summer long, every night, and not get sick of them). Maybe by the end of the summer I'll turn into a zucchini!

Jamie had hockey tonight, it started up for the summer, back at it's usual time, Saturday nights at 10pm. It's a good thing we're not a young couple just married with no kids. If that were the case, or it was back when we were dating/engaged, I would have SHOT him for making plans to be on an organized team on Saturday nights at 10 pm. But since I'm usually pooped by that time - I don't care that he goes on a Saturday night. When you have young kids, you don't care. I'm not even sure how he stays awake on the ice at that hour! He keeps complaining that he's getting older (he's 5.5 years older than me) and his body is aching and breaking. Though, I am super glad that he's keeping active all summer, by playing baseball & hockey.

So while Jamie was out, I decided to watch Freedom Writers, since my father-in-law brought it over tonight. 45 minutes into the 2 hour movie, I kept saying to myself "this looks familiar, this sounds familiar". Turns out I did indeed watch it, on June 17th, 2007 with Jamie. It was father's day. One year before Mack was born. (He wasn't even a thought yet - I didn't get pregnant with Mack until September 2007). So I shut it off after 45 minutes and caught up on some episodes of Jon & Kate Plus Eight that my PVR had recorded. (If you go take a look at the June 17th, 2007 link, there is a hysterical picture of Sean in the tub - he was almost 6 months old there. That picture cracks me up every single time!) I worked on my Misty Garden Scarf. I most definitely can finish it by tomorrow, I am going to run out of yarn before I can reach 59" that's for sure. But I should be able to get close - some number in the 50's for sure. My guess is around 50-54" for the scarf pre-blocked.


Andrea said...

I've decided that next year I'm having a pyjama party in the park for my birthday. Screw all this adult stuff, I want spiderman painted on my cheek and hula hoops!

Bea said...

Wow does this party look like fun. Also I'm wondering why we don't have trampolines in our park. I would totally hang out there everyday. I love that you can't fall off.

g-girl said...

that park is SO cool!! I loved the trampoline in the ground and the chair swings! fantastic! the video of sean trying to hula hoop is cute. nice bench. :)

Amelah said...

I am excited for knitting at that park now! I did not realize they had the trampoline's! Those are definitely new!!!

Mack is too funny in that first picture!!!!

Both boys looked like they enjoyed themselves very much!!! Sean with his spiderman!!!

Cute bench :)

Tara said...

I wish my husband had something like that! He's always complaning that he isn't fit anymore, and yet he doesn't do anything about it! I'll probably have to do it for him. *Sigh*