Wednesday, June 03, 2009

june three

This morning I checked in again at the nutritionist's office and I'm still down 32 lbs. There seems to be a trend lately, that I seem to drop weight after the weekend on Monday's weigh ins, but during the week I stay stable. Very odd. I am not complaining though.

I ran a few errands this morning one of which consisted of finding Tofu Spaghetti as my nutritionist recommended it, and I wanted to try it.

I am so sad, we don't have enough moms that will commit to our Friday afternoon music class. We were supposed to get at least 5 moms/5 babies to commit, and then anyone extra who wanted to "pay-as-you-go" when they could make it - but we couldn't find 5 moms to commit. Too many people wanted to pay only when they showed up, and it wasn't good enough for the music girl - which is too bad. Oh well, I'll have to find another activity to do with Mack this summer, though we still have the other music class that we're taking at the synagogue, we want to do that one again this summer session. (Waiting to get the details on that).

Late morning I arrived at Kate-the-Enabler's house for lunch. She kept her youngest son at home today since he was teething and so Mack had a friend to play with today. Liam's about 7 months older than Mack I believe. We had lovely (and delicious) grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch - I hadn't had one in forever, it was sooo yummy! Mackenzie had some Mac'n'cheese for lunch, which he absolutely loved. We chatted, we caught up - it was nice. I hope to get to do it again with Kate soon.

I rolled the leftover SWS that I got in the mail into balls so that I could start working with them. They'd come in mini skeins, from the person I got them from.

Here is me crocheting at Kate's house. Hey look Tara - that's your house in the background!

I took these photos with your house in the background on purpose, so you can see that I was thinking about you while across the street from your house. By the way, Maxime's basketball net is really cool.

Mack enjoying his lunch.

After leaving Kate's house, I came home to put Mack to a nap. He wouldn't fall asleep in the car - which I thought he would, but did nap once we were home. I was able to get some work done while he napped today. I'm so happy he's still napping during the day. I don't know what I would do if either of my boys gave up their naps. Especially since they really do need them.

I picked up Sean from daycare after Jamie got home from work today, so I was able to leave Mack at home to go get Sean. This is soooo much easier. It's super hard to hold Mack and get Sean ready to leave daycare. If I put Mack down, he crawls all over the place, and the hallway floors there aren't exactly the cleanest by the cubby area. Especially if it's raining and kids are taking off their wet boots there and stuff. So much easier to have Mack at home and to go alone to pick up Sean. It's just fluke that Jamie got home early from work today. I also don't like Sean being the last kid to be picked up at daycare, so I try to get there early enough to get Sean before that happens. When I went to pick up Sean today, his teacher told me that he knows every kid in the daycare's names, and he can point out each kid and tell you their name. (There are classes from ages 2 all the way to the class before you go to kindergarten. (Age 5/6 depending on when your birthday is). Apparently this is impressive to his teacher because most kids do not know all the kids names!

(On a note of other things that Sean can do - he can tell you any hockey team name if you show him their logo. He knows them all off by heart. That's impressive to me, because I don't even know some logos belong to which team!)

Before dinner the boys had fun playing in the backyard. Sean threw around a frizbee.

And Mack was perfectly content just sitting in the yard. He actually didn't move from this spot.

Tonight I went knitting with the West Island Knits/Crochet group. Well, actually, I went crocheting tonight! I finished working on my Queen Anne's Lace scarf (details below). Once I was done and weaved in all the ends, I actually worked a bit on my Misty Garden Scarf, which I want to finish on or before June 7th, 2009 (as that's 1 year from casting on). I know I can do it! It was Madeleine's birthday this past Monday so of course she got spoiled. Melanie was supposed to be there tonight, but we couldn't find her on the cell phone nor at home. Madeleine even went to her house to pick her up (as per their emailing the night before). She's due with a baby boy on June 11th, 2009, which is 8 days from now... we have a huge hunch she went into labor or has has her son by now! I can't wait to find out more news. I'll keep you posted!

Pattern: Queen Anne's Lace Scarf by Khebhin Gibbons.
For: Myself
Yarn: 130g of Paton's SWS in Natural Violet
Hook: 5.5 mm (I)Size: 77.5" unblocked, 90" blocked.
Timeline: May 20th, 2009 - June 3rd, 2009 (I would have had it finished a lot sooner if I would have not ran out of yarn! Had to wait for a destash off Ravelry to arrive in the mail)!
Modifications: Followed pattern as published though to the length of my choice. Basically I made the amount of motifs that I could until I ran out of yarn.
Opinion: It was super easy to crochet and after a few repeats was able to memorize the pattern. After a while I was able to do each motif without looking at the pattern. To me that's impressive!


Sarah B. said...

It turned out so pretty! I started out as a crocheter, and think I might need to pick up my hook again for this one!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Great! Now I want to crochet just so I can have the same scarf. Very lovely colours.

Anonymous said...

I love the scarf! My favorite part is how the colors go through the motifs. Great job!

g-girl said...

that is so so pretty! now if only I could just figure out how to read a crochet pattern..sorry to hear you won't be able to do your music classes this summer.

Tara said...

Hahaha! I was like "Hey wait a minute, that house looks familiar!". That's too funny. I guess I need to get pregnant again so I can enjoy these Mommies-who-Knit meetings, huh?