Sunday, June 14, 2009

june fourteen :: 128 weeks old

Mack was up at 8:30 am this morning, but I managed to get him down for a nap from 10:30 until a few minutes before we had to leave to go to my parents house for Mack's first birthday party. The party would have been a complete disaster if Mack hadn't napped at all.

My dress today had to match my shoes. I bought these shoes as a gift to myself after losing 20 lbs. Now that I've lost all the weight, I got a new dress to go with them!

Before the guests arrived, I decorated Mack's birthday cake. My step-mother-in-law baked it, and I decorated it. We're a great time. She's an awesome baker, and I'm the creative one!

These are some of the cupcakes I made last night on my cupcake stand. One slight problem. It was soooo hot out today that the icing was sliding right off the cupcakes and taking Elmo with it. The cupcakes, were a complete disaster, which upset me, since I made them for the kids.

Amy & I in our new dresses.
I was super excited to wear mine - as it's a size small!
I couldn't tell you how happy this makes me!
Take that 35 lbs!

Slowly guests starting arriving. Look it's Tara & Kate-the-Enabler, and their gang.

The boys played with their fave toy at my parents house, where the party was being held.

After lunch was served, we headed outside across the street to see the entertainment. My parents neighbor has this beautiful tree in her yard, and we had to go under a tree because it was piping hot and the kids needed to be in the shade. So did the entertainers, Mack's fave music duo.

And like during our music class, Mack got to wear the adorable fishy hat.
Sean played with some puppets.
Sean is 128 weeks old today!
He refused to take a picture with me today.
Funny kid.

A good time was had.

Jamie was in silly spirits.

The birthday boy had a good time!
He played with some instruments!

And was sandwiched between some fave girls of his!

He was excited to blow out the birthday candles.

But needed help blowing them out.

He certainly did NOT need any help eating the chocolate cake.

Though his brother wanted to help him eat it.
(But got a piece of his own)

And because chocolate ended up in his hair.....
A bath was super needed during the party!

It was nice to see friends today. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate
Mack's first birthday party! We had a great time.

Mack got spoiled like you wouldn't believe!

He loved all his new toys!

I need to write a thank you note to my parent's neighbor who let us use their lawn for the entertainment part of the party. It was really nice of her. We had a good time sitting under her tree!

My new shoes left me with a really bad blister on the back of my right heel. Ouch. Oh am I in pain. But they were totally worth wearing. I need to wear them in a little more though!

Sean knows his right from left. I had no idea! Jamie asked him which one was his left foot and he showed us correctly. And then the right - he showed us the other foot. I couldn't believe it! I guess they learned this in school?

I ended up staying late at my parents house, ate "dinner" (leftovers) there, and then headed home when it was the boys bedtime. Jamie had left before dinner to go home to relax as he has hockey tonight. And now it's me and the tv and my computer and some knitting. I'm totally pooped from today's festivities! We had such a good time! Getting to see friends & family at the same time is always awesome!


Bertha said...

Happy birthday Mack!!! I LOVE that dress Robyn, it looks great on you!

carolynswafford said...

That picture of Mack in the tub is seriously one of the cutest I've seen. Happy Birthday, Mack! And Sean, you are getting so big!!! Hugs to all of you.

Kimber said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!! I love the photos easpecially the one with him all covered in cake! Adorable! Glad the party went so well. This weekend is Liv's so I cannot wait.

Love the dress too - so cute!

kate-the-enabler said...

It was a lovely day, the weather was perfect, and I agree that both the dress and the shoes were fab on you :)
Still bummed that we had to cut out early due to overtired and overexcited little boy - thanks so much for having us!
(hah - that's a fun photo of us arriving - will you LOOK at that belly...eek)

Andrea said...

Sexy shoes lady! Congratulations on losing the weight! And a very happy birthday to Mack! See you tomorrow!

g-girl said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE your shoes! where'd you get them? your dress was gorgeous too! looks like everyone had such a great time! yay!

Bea said...

Mack's party looks like such fun. Love your new dress and your Amy's.

Big Girl Feet said...

Love the shoes and you look amazing!!! happy (belated) birthday to Mack, it looks like you guys had a wonderful day!!

dawn said...

Happy Birthday Mack! Looks like he loved the chocolate cake. Love the dress and new shoes.

Tara said...

It was an awesome party, Robyn, you did an amazing job. Too bad about the cupcakes, although I would have snarfed down a couple without any trouble! I'm still miffed about missing cake and cupcakes!

Craftlover said...

Happy birthday to this sweet boy. WOW. I love the elmo cake and cupcakes. they are so cute. :D hahaha