Wednesday, June 24, 2009

june twenty-four :: 53 weeks old

Today I headed out to Ottawa just after 8 am. Madeleine met me at my house and we headed from there. We picked up some Tim Horton's for breakfast and headed on our way. We made pretty good timing, and picked up Andrea from her parents house in Ottawa. She lives in Winnipeg now, but is "home" visiting.

Our first stop (after a quick diaper change for Mack) was to Knit Knackers. We were told this was a Yarn Warehouse - but they call themselves that because they offer "warehouse pricing if you buy a full back of 10 skeins). I picked up 2 50g skeins of sock yarn in a colorway I was drawn to at Knit Knackers. (Yarn pictures and gifts that were received today, will be blogged about tomorrow). This yarn shop was the size of a small squared room. A tad claustrophobic in there, but the nice thing is that they carry Hiya needles. Though, the had none in stock in the size I usually knit socks on, so I didn't buy any. Maybe next time.

Our next stop was to Yarn Forward. Huge shop, not that great selection. I did end up buying 1 skein of yarn, to go along with another skein of yarn I already have at home. But other than that - I didn't find anything unique or different here.

Mack enjoyed some kids toys that they had at Yarn Forward.

Next was lunch for us hungry ladies. We ended up going to Kelsey's for lunch. Mack's kids meal came with unlimited refill of soda, but since he doesn't drink soda (not sure what mother would give a child soda anyhow, unless they're older).... so I took advantage of Mack's free refills, and drank diet coke out of a little kids cup. I wasn't going to order myself a diet coke when his meal came with one. Madeleine treated us to lunch - which was very nice of her - thank you very much!

Next stop was at Wool-Tyme. It wasn't originally on our list of places to go - but we added to it when we were disappointed with the first two shops we went to. We got a little lost on our way there, as the woman who worked there didn't tell us that Highway 16 was called Prince of Wales Street, and we ended up at the 416, thinking that's what she meant, which lead us onto the 417 and we ended up near bayshore shopping mall completely out of the way. I ended up getting some yarn here (details to come tomorrow!)

On our way out, in the parking lot - we saw this licence plate. How awesome is that??

Myself & Madeleine (who is a good travel buddy by the way!)

Myself & Andrea

Andrea & myself and our Ishbels (mine, hers). We're both moderators of the Ishbel Knit-Along group on Ravelry, and we thought that even though we didn't get a minute even to sit down and knit today (too busy shopping!) that we should at least take a picture of us with our Ishbels.

Mack was a really patient boy today and was in a good mood for most of the day. He had a little cranky moment this morning when he wanted to eat and we were lost trying to maneuver around some construction to get to Knit Knackers. (Bank street was closed for a good portion of it, except for foot traffic).

At this point we dropped off Andrea back at her parents house, since she had to be home for dinner, and we then headed over to my husband's 1st cousin's house to pick her up. We were going for dinner with her.

Our first stop was back to Michaels (where I had just been shopping with Madeleine & Andrea). Bonnie had saved me some Michaels coupons for 40% off of one item. So I went back to return the most expensive item on my previous invoice and re-buy it at 40% off. The most expensive item ended up being a collector's frame for Jamie for our basement. He had been looking for something of the sort and I thought he'd really like it. It was already 50% off, and I got another 40% off of the sale price. Full price it wouldn't have been worth it - but on sale and with an additional coupon, why not. I also needed to find a gift for Sean's teachers. I want to get them each something as a parting gift as next week (part of the week) will be his last few days in their class before he moves onto the next age group at daycare the day after Canada Day. Mack figured out how to climb out of the straps on his stroller - and this is how I found him - standing up! The little bugger! I ended up getting a gift for each of his teachers.
Then we went for dinner with my husband's 1st cousin and her daughter.

Mack was in a good mood. I love this picture of the two of us.

Mackie enjoyed seeing his cousin, and it was great to see them.

We headed back to Montreal just after dropping off my husband's cousin back at her place after dinner. We had good conversation on the way home and it was a great day over all today!

I was disappointed not to find Cascade 109 Bulky (or even 128 Bulky) today. I'm looking for about 4-5 skeins in black (#8555). I want to make a pattern that calls for a chunky (or even super chunky yarn). I really like Cascade 109. No one in Ottawa had it in stock. (And there's not much on destash on Ravelry either). Anyone know where I could get some? (Webs doesn't have black left in stock). Have 5 or so skeins in your stash you want to destash?

While I was in Ottawa today, Sean had fun swimming at my parents house with my sister. Above he's practicing closing his mouth under water. What a good boy! He's learning quickly!

Looks like he had a nice day swimming in the beautiful weather. Hope you had a great day whatever you were doing. It was St. Jean Baptiste in Quebec today, so we had the day off!


Andrea said...

Thanks for coming out to see me! I had a really great time hanging out with you, Mack and Madeline!

How's your Ishbel coming?

Bea said...

This sounds like a fun and busy day. Always love a good yarnstore tour!

Jenn said...

Looks like a fun adventure! I love Sean's water wings, they're too adorable.

Amelah said...

Mack is adorable! Aww too bad I did not get to fondle any yarn with ya girls! Glad Madeleine is fun to travel with since we are going to Rhine beck with her!!!

Thanks for loaning me Sean for the day lol, we had fun!!!

Love the picture of you and Mack, it definitely is very cute!!!! Then again Mack is always smiling!! He is always happy!!!

Nice license plate! Would love to have that, but it would never happened!! Damn F plates!

Knit Girl said...

That yarn trip sounds like fun!

Tara said...

Holy Crap. I am 31 posts behind on your blog. Waaaah!!! How does this happen??? I'm jealous of your yarn shop excursion. It seems like I never get to go into an actual yarn store anymore...

Nell said...

Great trip!!!! So much fun!

g-girl said...

oh good--i don't feel so bad. i just noticed someone else is behind on your posts too. :P i'm looks as though you had a fun time with the girls even though the yarn shops weren't all they were cracked up to be. ohhh, mack's cousin is darling! :) hope you ere able to find some bulky cascade!