Saturday, June 20, 2009

june twenty :: Knit in Public Day

This morning as I was preparing to leave for Knit in Public Day I found Sean in the kitchen lining up his cars and trucks and a few trains in order by size. I'm wondering if this means anything for future behavior? It's not the first time he's lined up things.

Today we had Knit in Public Day. The West Island Knits Group decided to go knit in the food court in Fairview since as we were leaving it started drizzling. It was very cloudy outside.

Today we were 6 of us, in total.
I worked on Ishbel, which I cast on last night.

There are yarn overs all the way up both sides of the center, but the way it's out on the table you can't see it. I am hoping that fixes itself once blocked.

We had a good time Knitting in Public. Next year hopefully we'll be able to knit outside! That's two years in a row now that the West Island Knits have knit inside for KIP!

Some progress in my garden has been happening:

Zucchinis are starting to bloom!

Peppers are starting to bud. Beans are starting to sprout!

Lettuces are blooming! (Yes, we're missing 2 lettuces - we think an animal is the culprit!)

Tomatoes are starting to come by the handfuls. Not as many as last year, but we'll see what we end up with. Hopefully we'll still get enough - as I love cherry tomatoes. As does Jamie & Sean. They'll be perfect in salads too.

The green onions and the Cauliflower are doing well as well, but the cauliflower has yet to show us any cauliflower. I'm curious how it'll all end up in the end, we've never grown cauliflower before.

My sister came by this afternoon with Harley for a bit. Sean had a great time running around the backyward with the dog. I don't mind him getting tired out before his nap!

Sean kept throwing his new beach ball at the dog, after we kept telling him over and over again to stop. Of course, the dog bit a hole into the ball. I've fixed it with a patch - we'll see how long it lasts.

My little dirty devil. He likes to make a mess anywhere.


Tonight we ate fresh from the garden! My fave part of summer. Yum!

Today I called Knitpicks, as I went to use my US6 (4.0mm) nickle-plated options needle, and there was no thread in one of the needles and it just wouldn't screw on. I wanted to use it for my Ishbel, but couldn't. Instead, I am using my Harmony US6 options set. Knitpicks has great customer service and is sending me a replacement US6 nickle plated needle set. I am very impressed with their customer service.

My in-laws stayed for dinner tonight, and we celebrated Father's Day tonight with them instead of tomorrow. Jamie is golfing tomorrow with a co-worker, so since we have plans with my parents for dinner, we decided since they were babysitting this afternoon anyhow, (Jamie had ball during the time that I was at Knit in Public today) and we enjoyed some nice steaks on the BBQ. Delicious!

Mack now says "UP!" It's so exciting. He raises up his hands and says "UP"... Too cute. My little guy is growing up too fast.


Bea said...

Sean is a funny boy. I love how your garden is coming in. Other then the sunflowers my neighbors hasn't bloomed or fruited. Its also melting in the heat.

Mel said...

no worries on the lining up stuff - it's just a 2 year olds way of controlling his environment...very normal :) There's your free professional opinion for the day :)

Tara said...

I love it when the garden gets into gear and we get fresh produce!

Amelah said...

I love the way you made the pics of us knitting!! Very cute :)

I had fun! We definitely need to organize tho knit in park day!!!

dawn said...

Sean looks so cute playing in the dirt. Boys just love making messes don't they?!

Nell said...

Great pictures of Sean and the dog! I love the one with kisses!

g-girl said...

oh i love all the pictures from your backyard. the garden looks great! your ishbel is going to be gorgeous!